What brand of espresso machine is good?

1. Jura (You Rui) home

Friends who like high quality can choose this brand. Jura is known as the “Strauss of the coffee machine”, and you know what that means. Good quality + luxurious configuration + expensive = excellent. Urui’s most basic household models are close to pounds, and the best-configured household machines are close to pounds. Among all series, ENAMicro is in the low-end series, with a compact and exquisite body. There are three different coffee cup sizes and two different coffee strengths that can be adjusted. The intelligent preheating system can ensure the temperature of the coffee, making the coffee rich and mellow. oily, fragrant.

2. Gaggia

If you want a brand with a long history, you can choose this. Gaggia is a long-established Italian coffee machine brand with 70 years of experience in making coffee machines. The products under the brand include household automatic and semi-automatic espresso machines, commercial automatic and semi-automatic large coffee machines, etc. All coffee machines follow the traditional Italian coffee machine design, and use innovative technology to make them more effective and outstanding. A mid-range coffee maker on the market. In the 1950s, the best espresso shop in London, Sirocci Coffee Bar, used Gagia coffee machines. The rich “coffee balsam” made this coffee shop very famous, so Gagia The coffee machine is still very worthy of attention.

D&K coffee machine brand history

A high-tech brand. D&K was founded in Turin, Italy, and has a glorious road of nearly 60 years. The brand name D&K comes from the names of the two founders, Carlo Deluca and RenatoKatz, who hope to make the DK coffee machine a carrier of Italian culture with a “soul”, so that pure and strong Espresso coffee can be integrated with the spirit of “followyourheart” . Benefiting from Turin’s rich industrial and artistic atmosphere, D&K recruits top design and technology talents, and combines Italian coffee culture with the essence of modern industry to the extreme, making every detail of D&K coffee machine infiltrated with culture and technology, becoming an Italian coffee machine. One of the representative brands of top life appliances.

3. Philips coffee machine

Friends who like convenience can choose this one. Philips household automatic coffee machine integrated conical grinder, grind fresh coffee beans, enjoy the flavor and aroma of freshly ground coffee; with LCD display and freshness indicator, you can intuitively understand various states, cup icons The indicator remains on for 30 minutes to ensure that the brewed coffee remains fresh during this time. With a variety of user-friendly designs, you can drink a cup of delicious coffee with convenient operation.

Post time: Sep-03-2022