1350W high power 5L large capacity air fryer

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1. Oil-free cooking reduces body fat intake;

2. The vortex hot air cooks the ingredients in all directions, giving full play to the inherent nutrition of the ingredients;

3. Precise temperature control, control the temperature well, can cook more delicious ingredients;

4.5L large capacity, you can get a variety of food at one time;

5. The automatic power-off is taken out, which is safe and secure, and cooks ingredients more assured;

6. Non-stick coating, easy to clean.

Kitchen cooking N+1, everything can be fried at will

5L exquisite and large capacity, to meet the private enjoyment time of 2~5 people. 1350W high power 5L large capacity air fryer bakes faster, and you dont have to wait long for your meal to be served.

High-speed circulating hot air, the secret to crispy and delicious real objects

The whole process of high temperature cooking and frying forces out the original fat of the food, no need to add cooking oil during the frying process, it is crisp and healthy, the baby loves it, and the mother is more assured. ABS material heat shield, hidden heating pipe, 360 ° hot air circulation, three-pronged approach, more effective.

Don't put a drop of oil, low calorie, eat with confidence

Put the ingredients into the fryer, and eat it at the point of time. It is delicious and not fat. Low-fat air frying: roasted without frying, it is crispy and tender, low-fat and low-calorie; but traditional frying is greasy on the skin, and the heat explodes, which is not conducive to healthy life.

One = N, the patterns are roasted and fried, and they are continuously updated. The function of our 1350W high power 5L large capacity air fryer = air fryer + electric oven + multi-function cooking pot + electric casserole.

Microcomputer smart model, multiple preset menus

Simple and easy to operate, you can master the simple operation at will, and the elderly and children can also use it easily.

Food grade 304 stainless steel liner

High temperature resistance of 180 degrees Celsius, long-term frying without deformation, can be directly contacted with food, bold frying, eat with confidence.

Non-stick coating is easy to clean, light oil and less smoke are easy to clean

The fried chicken does not break the skin, and the roasted chicken wings do not stick to the pan; the non-stick coating liner can be easily cleaned without leaving any smell.

NTC accurate temperature control, stimulate your cooking fun

The temperature is unbiased, and the original taste of the ingredients is preserved, and novices can easily make delicious food.

With the power-off protection, you can add ingredients at any time during cooking.

The role of the screen in the air fryer

1350W high power 5L large capacity air fryer


1350W high power 5L large capacity air fryer

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ABS + Plastic



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1 year



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