• Shopping strategy of portable coffee machine!

    1. Select according to electricity quantity In order to ensure that the portable coffee machine has enough power to provide grinding and brewing functions when going out for use, the first thing to notice is the capacity of the lithium battery of the body and the grinding times that can be used f...
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  • What can stand mixer do?

    What can stand mixer do?

    Many people think that the stand mixer is not very useful. In fact, it is very useful. What’s the use? The core functions are mainly kneading flour, whipping and stirring. It is necessary for Chinese and western noodles, fruit drinks and desserts. Especially for novices who are new to bakin...
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  • Cleaning and maintenance of air purifier

    Cleaning and maintenance of air purifier

    In order to make the purifier work better, please do the following maintenance in a timely manner when the cleaning indicator flashes to remind you to clean after a period of use. Components necessary for cleaning operation 1. Container: Prepare the container for cleaning the purification layer. ...
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  • Do air fryers really need no oil?

    Do air fryers really need no oil?

    Do air fryers really need no oil? Air fryers really do not need oil, or only a little oil. In most cases, no oil is used. The principle of air frying pan is that hot air circulates to heat food, which can force out the oil inside the food. For meat rich in oil, air frying pan does not need to put...
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  • How to Use Air Purifier Correctly

    How to Use Air Purifier Correctly

    Since the concept of haze was known to the public, the air purifier has always been hot, and many families have also added air purifiers. Do you really use an air purifier? The price of air purifiers varies. If they are not used correctly, they will buy an expensive decoration at best. How to pre...
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  • How to use fascia gun correctly? Very important!

    How to use fascia gun correctly? Very important!

    Fascia guns are not only popular in sports circles, but also used by many office workers. Fascia gun has a great effect on sports relaxation. Although the use of fascia gun seems very simple, it seems to hit uncomfortable parts of the body. But this is not the case. There are many precautions for...
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  • Coffee machine is the choice of automatic or semi-automatic good? Recommended Guide for Beginners

    If you live a fast life, like simple operation, coffee produced fast and stable coffee machine, then the automatic coffee machine is the best and most worthwhile choice for you. However, if you have plenty of time and energy in your life, like to study and make coffee, and have the foundation and...
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  • How to choose the right air fryer

    The air frying pan is a common small household appliance in life. It is easy to operate and simple. Many people will use it to make various kinds of food snacks, such as fried chicken wings, egg tarts and French fries. The capacity of the air frying pan varies from large to small. Many families s...
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  • Features of Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush Solution

    What is an electric toothbrush? What are the features of ultrasonic electric toothbrush? Electric toothbrush is a kind of toothbrush invented by Philippe-Guy Woog. Through the rapid rotation or vibration of the electric core, the brush head produces high-frequency vibration, which instantly decom...
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  • What brand of espresso machine is good?

    1. Jura (You Rui) home Friends who like high quality can choose this brand. Jura is known as the “Strauss of the coffee machine”, and you know what that means. Good quality + luxurious configuration + expensive = excellent. Urui’s most basic household models are close to pounds,...
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  • What are the types of coffee machines?

    Tasting a cup of coffee in a busy life is the living habit of many people. If there is a requirement for the quality of coffee, then the figure of the coffee machine is an indispensable item, but the coffee machine is also divided into different types and different types of coffee. The machine ca...
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  • Suitable for maintenance of coffee machine.

    Coffee is a favorite drink of modern people. With the development of productivity, coffee is no longer exclusive to the upper class, so coffee machines have also begun to enter thousands of ordinary families. There are many types of coffee machines. Today, Xiaobian introduces the use of semi-auto...
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