Cute Cartoon Leafless Hanging Neck Fan

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The first hanging neck fan, customized for children.
The double-sided turbine gathers the wind, and the wind is even cooler.
Left and right dual-turbine blower design, 72 fan blades with wind-gathering performance, reduce the vibration of the air, and keep the wind flowing.
Brushless noise reduction motor, energy saving and silent design.
Both sides of the fan are designed with high-performance brushless motors, which have slightly higher operating efficiency, reduce battery power consumption by 30%, and last longer.
Soft silicone material, adjust the angle arbitrarily.
The neck is made of food-grade silicone material, which is soft and elastic, resistant to kink and no deformation, safe and odorless.
8 hours of battery life on a full charge.
Built-in high-capacity dual-section high-quality polymer lithium battery 1800mAh, the battery life is longer and safer.
Say goodbye to heavy, light and unburdened.
Load-reducing structure design, bid farewell to cumbersome.
The large hanging neck fan only weighs about 260g, which helps to study worry-free.
Quiet and low noise, learning more at ease.
Turbo noise reduction and mute technology, 32dB accompany around, safe and non-curly hair, easy and efficient learning.

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1. Three-speed wind speed
2. Safe without hurting hands
3. Hose adjustment
4. Innovative design

Cute Cartoon Leafless Hanging Neck Fan (5)
Cute Cartoon Leafless Hanging Neck Fan (6)

Why develop children's hanging neck fans?

1. In the hot summer, wearing a hat is still unbearably hot.
2. Hand-held inconvenient to play, there are certain safety hazards.
3. Big size, heavy portion, not suitable for children.
4. It's sultry indoors, and it's easy to get sleepy when reading and studying.



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name Cute Cartoon Leafless Hanging Neck Fan
model DYKF5
Working time 3~8 hours
product weight 260g
battery capacity 1800mAh
charging time ≈3h
charging interface Type-C
fan speed third gear
Output Power 7.5W(max)
Product Size 178*62*191mm
Input Current DV 5V/1A(ma)

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