Household multifunctional sterilization deodorant shoe dryer

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All the troubles with smelly shoes

Whether it is returning to the south in March and April, or the drought in July and August, sunny days, cloudy and rainy days, it has its company. The weather is sultry, and the shoe cabinet emits peculiar smell; sweaty shoes, fungal infection; athlete's foot troubles for many years;

Ozone antibacterial and deodorant
The cell structure of bacteria is effectively destroyed by ozone, so that the bacteria are inactivated and killed, so as to achieve the effect of eliminating bacteria and improve the unpleasant smell of shoes.
360° three-dimensional airflow
360 ° no dead angle to emit ozone, from the toe to the heel, evenly distributed within 15 seconds to purify the odor.
Make sterilization more fun
One instrument for the whole family to enjoy. Multiple modes, choose according to your own situation. The three gear modes are fast mode (first gear, quick disinfection for 10min), daily mode (second gear/third gear, working time is 20min/30min), leisure mode (fourth gear, the machine continues to work).
Suitable for a variety of environments
Cute pets that satisfy the whole family, suitable for various items, remove odors and protect the health of the whole family. This product can be used to dry cotton and linen (socks, shoes), leather (new bags, handbags), cashmere (wool shoes, leather shoes), polyester (gloves, sofa cushions) and other items.
Low voltage USB input
Stable work, the maximum voltage is 5V, Household multifunctional sterilization deodorant shoe dryer can be used in the USB port of the computer/power bank. The maximum current is 2A and the maximum voltage is 5V.
Only sterilization does not hurt shoes
Gently care for shoes and socks, purify the air when working, without harm to items, the product has a bacteriostatic and sterilization rate of more than 99% on items.
Environmentally friendly ABS material
In case of fire, Household multifunctional sterilization deodorant shoe dryer will automatically carbonize, which can prevent the burning process and make it more secure to use.
Two air outlets
Disinfect two shoes at a time, both ways. Shorten the sterilization time and improve the sterilization efficiency.

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Household multifunctional sterilization deodorant shoe dryer

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