Household semi-automatic espresso Machine

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Household semi-automatic espresso Machine.

The hot-selling espresso machine on the entire network has been reloaded, and it is a cost-effective product with better materials and higher functions.

With a fancy coffee system, you can customize various forms of coffee such as cappuccino, latte, mocha, etc.

The fuselage is made of food-grade PP material, which is hygienic, and will not volatilize toxic gases under high temperature conditions. Compared with ordinary PP material, it will become softer and healthier and safer when used for a long time.

The imported sealing ring has a 64-hole constant pressure extraction system, which is more efficient and takes less time to make coffee than the 7-hole constant pressure extraction system of the domestic ordinary sealing ring.

5bar steam pressure, easy to extract coffee oil and make coffee more fragrant.

304 stainless steel food material adopts 0.25mm fine filter to ensure the fine taste of coffee.

Product details

The Household semi-automatic espresso Machine features an aluminum boiler, multi-function switch when rotating, stainless steel faceplate, stainless steel strainer, food grade body and detachable water reservoir.

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1. Add water, generally to the amount above the 3 mark of the water cup.

2. Fill in the powder and compact it with a spoon. One spoonful is enough for a cup of espresso.

3. Install handle, install handle/and turn to lock position.

4. Rotate the gear to brew coffee / wait for a while for the coffee to be brewed and flow into the glass below.

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Product advantages

Strengthen the design pressure of 5bar, break through the limitation of 3.5bar of the general espresso machine, and make the extraction more sufficient and more secure.

The automatic pressure relief device is designed in the cover, which is more secure. When the pressure of the gear machine exceeds the pressure that the machine can bear, the automatic pressure relief device of the top cover will automatically release the pressure, which is more secure.

The stainless steel cooking head has strong heat resistance and the materials used in the machine are worth worrying about.

Rotary high pressure steam pipes.

The knob feels the position feedback, 3C certified plug, clear each gear, easy to operate and more secure. 

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Household semi-automatic espresso Machine

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