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Mini Multifunctional Portable Tourmaline Pottery Hair Blow Dryer With Comb.
Newly upgraded blowing comb integrated multi-functional hot air comb.
A machine can complete three functions: dry hair, fluffy hair and modeling, and can complete one comb and three uses.
The multifunctional hot air comb has heat dissipation holes and strong wind force.
The uniform distribution of hot air can quickly dry hair, and can effectively prevent heat concentration from damaging hair.
The product has two levels of wind, and the temperature suitable for your hair can be selected according to the size of the wind, which can be suitable for each type of hair.
With a separate removal switch, it is easy to replace the comb teeth.
The tail is designed with 360 degree rotatable power cord, which can prevent the power cord from winding and knotting when in use.
It is designed with a prompt light, which is always on when working.

Product advantages

The product uses a tourmaline ceramic heating panel, which can heat up quickly while being environmentally friendly.
Because the surface is ceramic glaze, the hair pulling effect is better and does not pull the hair.

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Product parameters

professional blow dryer with comb


Mini Multifunctional Portable Tourmaline Pottery Hair Blow Dryer With Comb

Product number


Product material


Product Size

38 cm*5.5 cm

Product color


Rated power

1000 W-1200 W

Rated voltage

220 V-240 V

Rated frequency

50 HZ-60 HZ

Product details

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Q: What is the minimum order quantity of your products?
A: The minimum order quantity of our products is 500. Our factory provides OEM services.
Q: What are your modes of transportation?
A: My modes of transportation include land transportation, sea transportation and air transportation.

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