Multifunction Home Air Purifier

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Filter cleaning tips, more convenient and more intimate

After the purifier runs for 3,000 hours, the cleaning indicator of Handheld air purifier for dusty room lights up, prompting the user to clean the HEPA filter.

Two modes, three wind speeds

Press the fan button 5 times, the Auto button will light up and enter the automatic mode; when switching the sleep mode, the purification amount will be automatically adjusted to low-wind operation, and you can enjoy silent sleep.

High-quality activated carbon to remove formaldehyde, odor, etc

Choose high-quality columnar activated carbon, which has the characteristics of large specific surface area, developed pore structure, strong adsorption capacity, uniform particle distribution, and high wear resistance. To achieve better adsorption effect, greatly improve the purification capacity of the product.

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1. Ultraviolet disinfection, ozone disinfection, eliminate formaldehyde PM2.5.
2. Intelligent timing, intelligent touch.
3. Sterilize, purify particulate matter and eliminate mites.

The new crown virus is threatening, can staying at home be foolproof?

In the long-term living space, there may be a large number of bacteria and viruses that cannot be recognized by the internal flame. These are potential health hazards and will cause a lot of harm to the human body. For example: bacterial infection, pet mites are more likely to be infected; skin allergies, skin redness and swelling caused by surrounding bacteria and viruses; easy to get sick, the elderly and children have low resistance and easy to get sick; musty smell, bathroom is easy to damp, often Standing water, easy to breed bacteria.

Introduction to usage mode of the Multifunction Home Air Purifier

1. Ultraviolet disinfection mode: people can be present.
Working principle: Inhale the air containing bacteria and viruses from the side, irradiated by the high-intensity ultraviolet lamp inside the disinfection machine, and through the inner cavity disinfection, after completion, the clean fresh air is blown out from the air outlet.
2. Ozone fumigation: people have to leave.
Working principle: Ozone belongs to fumigation disinfection, and the disinfection is comprehensive without dead ends. It can eliminate germs on the surface of objects, and also has the effect of repelling mosquitoes.

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Multifunction Home Air Purifier

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National Joint Insurance



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Power Supply:

Alternating Current

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Filter Type:

Composite Filter

Way to control:

Touch Control

Product Material:


Air purifier air volume:


Air Volume:


Air speed adjustment:

1~3 gear

Packing Size:


Lamp Material:


Lamp service life:


Warranty Time:

1 year


Now,let’s see some pictures of Handheld air purifier for dusty room.


Q1: Are you your own factory?
A: Yes, we are a factory with our own research and development, design and manufacture, sales and after-sales service.
Q2: What is the delivery time?
A: 7 days for samples and goods in stock, about 3 weeks for general order and 4-5 weeks for large order.
Q3:Why choose us?
A:1.OEM&ODM service: available. Realize your customized product.2. After-sales service: Free customer service to solve technical problems.3. Warranty: 1 year warranty is provided.
Q4: Can I use our own designed packaging?
A: Yes, the size, color, logo and packaging style of the product are customized
Q5: Do you accept sample orders? What is your minimum order quantity?
A.:Sample orders are accepted. There is no MOQ for branded products, 1 piece order can be accepted.

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