How does the hanging neck fan let you free your hands?

Now this season when going out depends on courage, it is really “walking for five minutes and sweating for two hours”.
If there is no mobile air conditioner, you can install a mobile fan on yourself. If you want the wind to “follow your shadow”, it is very simple, just hang the fan around your neck. In the hot weather recently, the models have been sweating and repairing makeup. The photographer was wearing this hanging neck fan, and he was calm and calm to finish all the shooting. The wind blowing is a gentle breeze, and the wind is also very stable.
personal neck air conditioner
Commuting, shopping, you can blow by hanging it around your neck, you don’t need to spare your hands in the crowded crowd, don’t be too convenient.
Headphone shape, hanging neck design, free hands, walk with wind!
Most of the portable small fans bought by people are basically hand-held. The hanging neck fan is like a headset, which can be easily worn around the neck, and the free hands can make it easier for you to do more things.
leafless hanging neck fan
Since it is worn on the neck, the appearance must not be low.
Wearing a hanging neck fan is like a piece of wind, and you can easily go out with any combination.
It is also very cute for children to wear it. It is difficult for a family to wear it when they go out on the street. When you need it, it is your accessory to “remove heat and relieve fever”; when you don’t need it, it is a fun and fun craft to place anywhere.
Safe hidden air outlet, low noise blower, can also be used in the library.
personal fan neck
In the past, the fan with leaves was not very friendly to long-haired girls. No one wanted their hair to be caught in it, and children would hurt their fingers when they used it to play. This hanging neck fan happens to be a bladeless design. Utilizing the principle of the turbo-blade concentrating fan and the design of the hidden air outlet, it ensures strong wind while avoiding the involvement of hair or fingers. Wearing this hanging neck fan, you don’t have to worry about the heat or the curling of your hair, and you can also have long hair fluttering in summer. It is an innovative all-copper brushless motor, which optimizes the air duct, greatly reduces the friction when the fan is running, and runs smoothly with much lower noise. The noise when the fan is working is lighter than that of fallen leaves. Even in the library, it will not affect others, and you can study in peace. I wear it during naps and when I drive, and the breeze blows gently and it feels so reassuring.
A single 260g, can be worn by children, it is anti-dirty and non-slip, and it will not fall off no matter how you wear it.
For an office worker like me, sitting every day, my neck is often sore, and my spine is a little bad. If I hang a heavy thing around my neck, it will add a burden to myself. Not to mention wearing it for elders or children. This hanging neck fan is only 260g, and the designer team redesigned the fan from the inside out, reducing the weight one gram by one gram, which is more than a little lighter in comparison. Children can easily wear it, and sometimes they don’t even feel its presence. The neck is made of skin-friendly and soft silicone hose material, which is not sticky or allergic in summer. Even if you sweat a lot during sports and running, the whole body is sticky, and the fan hanging on the neck will not produce a sticky feeling along the sweat and the body. And it is anti-slip and anti-slip, and sweat stains may turn your clothes yellow, but they will not stain the fan neckband. When wearing it for running, the body will shake, but the fan is still firmly hanging around the neck. It is also a good choice for parents who often do chores at home.
best neck fan
Small body, big energy, three-speed wind speed, long battery life.
The hanging neck fan has three wind speeds carefully designed for different groups of people: the first gear is quiet and comfortable, with a feeling of fresh wind blowing on the face, a refreshing experience, suitable for reading books in the library; the second gear is uniform and cool, the wind is moderate, sweeps away the sultry heat, and teaches in the classroom. , The dining hall is ok to eat and eat; the third-grade high energy relieves the heat, helps you quickly relieve the hot and sweaty, and instantly cools down, which is more suitable for outdoor use. It only takes one step to use the operation, starting, shifting, and shutting down only need one button to complete. And the wind does not pull the crotch at all. The astronaut neck-mounted fan has multiple air outlets, wide-angle air supply, and the fan outlet is placed in one place, and there is wind all around. Compared with ordinary small fans, the radiated range is larger and the cooling speed is faster.
It can be used for 7 hours after 4 hours of charging, and it can be used for a whole day when it is left to charge at night. Everyone will be more concerned that the belt of the hanging neck fan will not be too long or too short. The wearing length of the hanging neck fan can be adjusted at will according to the usage habits, without picking the neck at all! In summer, when you go out to play, you can relax and enjoy it. Isn’t it better to keep your lover in hand?

Post time: Jul-19-2022