How to use fascia gun correctly? Very important!

Fascia guns are not only popular in sports circles, but also used by many office workers. Fascia gun has a great effect on sports relaxation. Although the use of fascia gun seems very simple, it seems to hit uncomfortable parts of the body. But this is not the case. There are many precautions for the use of fascia gun. Improper operation may even bring great danger. Let’s have a look!

Contraindications of fascia gun

The neck contains a large number of blood vessels and nerves, which are very densely distributed, so it is not suitable to use a fascia gun. Otherwise, the blood vessels and nerves will be directly stressed, which is likely to cause damage to the body and pose a threat to human health. Bone protrusions, such as spinal protrusions, can not be directly hit by fascia gun, which will cause obvious pain and damage to bones. The joint parts such as the knee can not be used with the fascia gun, because these joint parts are relatively fragile, and it is easy to cause joint damage when directly hit with the fascia gun. The fascia gun can not be used on the inner side of the inner joint of the joint, because a large number of nerves are concentrated in this part. If you directly use the fascia gun to knock, it is easy to bump into the tendons, and it is easy to have numbness in the hands and feet. The abdominal muscle wall is very thin, and the abdomen is the place where viscera are concentrated. At the same time, there is no bone protection. If you directly hit the abdomen with a fascia gun, it is easy to cause physical discomfort, and may also cause visceral damage. Tips: The fascia gun can only be used at large areas of muscles such as the shoulder, back, buttocks and thighs, so as to better bear the force.

Usage of different massage heads of fascia gun

1. Round (ball) massage head

It is mainly aimed at massaging the major muscle groups of the body, such as pectoralis major, deltoid, latissimus dorsi, buttocks, as well as the muscles on the thighs, triceps femoris, quadriceps femoris and lower legs, which can be used for deep fascia relaxation.

2. Flat shaped massage head

In fact, the massage head in this shape can carry out various muscle groups of the whole body, as long as you do not vibrate and massage the bones and arteries of the body, it is OK.

3. Cylindrical (finger pressure) massage head

Cylindrical massage heads can massage the soles of the feet and the palms. Because spherical or flat heads are more or less targeted for the points that massage the palms, cylindrical massage heads can solve this problem. When you want to massage the acupoints, you can find them for massage.

Another is that the cylindrical massage head can relax the deep fascia of the muscles, such as the deep massage vibration of the hips. The cylindrical massage head is a good choice, provided that the fascia gun you use has this strength!

4. U-shaped (fork shaped) massage head

The design concept of the massage head in this shape is that the fascia gun is used to relax the fascia and muscle tissue of the body, not our bones. If we massage against the bones, our bodies will be hurt, so the design of the U-shaped massage head ingeniously bypasses our cervical vertebra and spine. It can perfectly massage the muscles and acupoints on both sides of our cervical vertebra and spine, so the U-shaped (fork shaped) head is very suitable for relaxing the muscles on both sides of the spine and cervical vertebra, as well as the muscles of the heel and Achilles tendon.

Correct usage

1. Move along muscle lines

People who have cut meat know that the muscle has texture. Cutting it will make the meat look terrible. The same is true for people. When using the fascia gun, remember to massage along the muscle direction. Do not press the left side at once, but hit the right side at once. Not only will the relaxation effect be reduced, but also the wrong place may cause damage.

2. Relax for 3-5 minutes at each position

It is recommended to change the dwell time of the fascia gun according to the gun head. For example, the front area of the vertebral head is smaller, the force is more concentrated, and the use time is about 3 minutes; The ball shaped gun head, because of its large area, has a more even muscle force, which can be extended to 5 minutes.

3. The strength should not be too high

The fascia gun uses vibration to hit the skin → fat → fascia, and finally it reaches the muscle. Because the skin is the first one to bear the force, when the high shock wave is combined with hard pressing, the skin tissue may be bruised, and even the muscle may be slightly torn!

It is recommended to control the strength when using the fascia gun, and focus on large muscles, such as quadriceps femoris, gluteus, etc., to avoid using it in places with thin muscle layers, such as shoulders, which can reduce the problem of bruising and tearing.

Post time: Nov-15-2022