Shopping strategy of portable coffee machine!

1. Select according to electricity quantity
In order to ensure that the portable coffee machine has enough power to provide grinding and brewing functions when going out for use, the first thing to notice is the capacity of the lithium battery of the body and the grinding times that can be used for a single charge. The electricity quantity of common models is mostly between 800mAh and 2000mAh; The charging time varies from 2 to 3 hours.
Although the number of uses varies according to the function and specification of the style, you can predict your own use situation when selecting. If you need to go out for a long time, you can choose the style with large power and high brewing times.

2. Select according to the cup volume
In order to give full play to the greatest convenience of such goods, we should pay more attention to the cup capacity in addition to the electric power. Especially for the people with large drinking demand, if the capacity is insufficient, the number of repeated brewing will increase, which will waste time and effort and lose the characteristics of convenient drinking.
Most portable coffee makers provide different cup capacities according to the brewing method. Among them, the model capacity of concentrated capsules is about 80mL. When purchasing, you can recall how many ml you usually drink, and then you can roughly estimate the size and style suitable for you.

3. Pay attention to the convenience of cleaning
Because the portable coffee machine can use the coffee beans you are used to and drink the freshest flavor, it can meet many people who have certain requirements for coffee quality. However, after each use, the oily coffee beans and the trace powder left in them are easy to produce odor if they are not thoroughly cleaned. To this end, when selecting, we should pay attention to the convenience of body cleaning.
At present, most of the common styles on the market are designed with detachable structure, which can not only disassemble the grinding group for cleaning, but also remove the waterproof washer of the cup cover for cleaning to avoid coffee stains. In addition, if the reader is more sensitive to smell, although it is not recommended to use acidic liquids such as vinegar or lemon slices to clean the stainless steel cup body, you can still use baking soda powder or buy a special detergent for the insulation cup to achieve better deodorization and cleaning effect.

4. Choose a lighter style
The common portable coffee opportunities on the market have obvious differences in weight due to different styles. In addition to determining whether the functions meet your needs, don’t forget to include the weight in the selection, so that you can find out the products with both functions and portability.

Post time: Jan-03-2023