Suitable for maintenance of coffee machine.

Coffee is a favorite drink of modern people. With the development of productivity, coffee is no longer exclusive to the upper class, so coffee machines have also begun to enter thousands of ordinary families. There are many types of coffee machines. Today, Xiaobian introduces the use of semi-automatic capsule coffee machines.

1. Remove the small kettle on the right side of the coffee machine, fill it with water, and then plug it into the coffee machine.

2. After filling the water, connect the power cord to the power socket, turn on the power start button at the top, and you can see that the two tea light-shaped power indicators on the side are all on.

3. Go back to the front half of the coffee machine, see the silver-white semicircle, hold the front end and pull it upwards gently.

4. After pulling up the pole to 90 degrees, there will be a small horseshoe-shaped hole in the front, and then add coffee.

5. Take out the coffee capsule and keep it intact, no need to disassemble it.

6. Put the capsule into the coffee machine, just put it against the big part of the adhesive tape, it does not need to be very tight.

7. Put the stainless steel rod down, and the device inside will automatically unpack the capsule. At this time, put the cup at the water outlet in front.

8. Press the teacup-shaped button on the side of the power switch, and then you can make coffee. The big one represents a large cup, and the small one represents a small cup.

9. Within 10 seconds, start pouring coffee into the cup, then add creamer and sugar according to personal taste.

So what are the precautions for the use of capsule coffee machines? The editor summarizes 7 here.

1. Before operating the coffee machine, please note that it can only be used when the boiler pressure pointer reaches the green area (1 ~ 1.2 bar); the temperature of the steam wand, the nozzle of the hot water outlet and the steam outlet during use is very high, please do not use it. Expose your hands nearby to avoid injury from the heat.

2. Pay attention to observe whether the water pressure value on the pressure gauge is in the green area (8~) when the regulator motor is pumping water.

3. In order to prevent the danger of overheating, please keep the power supply smooth, and the ventilation inlet and outlet should not be blocked; the warm cup holder should not be covered with towels or similar things except for the cups and trays.

4. The cups must be completely dry before they can be placed on the warm cup holder; do not place other items on the warm cup holder except cups and plates.

5. If the coffee machine will not be used for a long time, please turn off the power and completely release the pressure in the machine boiler.

6. Any accessories of the machine and equipment cannot be scrubbed with iron wires, steel brushes, etc.; they must be carefully scrubbed with a wet rag.

7. Air enters in the process to reduce the pressure and prolong the life of the cooking head gasket.

Post time: Sep-01-2022