What do you know about the functions of hair dryer?

In fact, there are many functions of hair dryers. It just depends on how we use them in our daily life. In life, we often use it to blow our hair. Hair is very important to a person’s image. Many people wash their hair in the morning, and then blow their hair with a hair dryer. Some people have very strict requirements for hair dryers, including temperature, power, wind force, whether there are negative ions, heat conducting materials, etc. Too low temperature will lead to a long time to dry the hair, too high temperature will damage the hair, and the wind is too small to make the shape. Too much wind will cause problems such as poor styling. When there is no negative ion blowing hair, it will cause static electricity and hair warping. If there is negative ion, the negative ion will neutralize the positive charge generated by blowing hair numbers and hair friction, so as to make the hair soft. Therefore, drying hair is only the most basic function of the hair dryer. It also has derivative functions such as styling and smoothing hair.

Under certain circumstances, the hair dryer will have other special functions. When household appliances are damp, you can use a hair dryer to dry them. When edible oil condenses and cannot pour out in winter, you can use a hair dryer to aim at the mouth of the bottle to quickly dissolve the edible oil. When stamps are damp and moldy, the hair dryer can play a good role in driving away the moisture. When clothes are in urgent need and wet, you can use a hair dryer to dry clothes.

In short, the function of clothes lies in the user. If it is used well, there will be more announcements of hair dryers, but if it is not used well, there will be less functions of hair dryers, which are relatively speaking.

Post time: Aug-11-2022