Professional Multi Gear Fascia Gun

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LOGO customization

LCD screen

Multi gear adjustment

Low noise mute

Electronic heat dissipation

Long term endurance

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Do you have such trouble? Work for a long time, shoulder and neck pain, exercise, muscle tension, middle-aged and elderly people, back pain, looking down at mobile phones for a long time, shoulder and neck discomfort. Then you need a Professional Multi Gear Fascia Gun.


Massage artifact

Say goodbye to muscle soreness and stiffness. Through deep and powerful vibration stimulation, Professional Multi Gear Fascia Gun can relax the tight soft tissues and accelerate local circulation, quickly decompose the lactic acid produced after exercise, greatly shortening the recovery time of muscles. A high-level SPA for your stiff body can greatly reduce the muscle pain after exercise and re awaken your muscle vitality.


A intelligent control chip

Quickly respond to and deal with various emergencies such as short circuit of circuit, high electromagnetic low voltage and heat.


Ergonomic handle

According to the unique appearance of human hand structure, it is comfortable to hold, and it is not tiring to hold for a long time.


Powerful battery, long life

2500 mA lithium battery, with long-term endurance at high-end, can enjoy long-term massage.


Electronic cooling technology

Electronic cooling technology, fast cooling. The heat dissipation performance of the fascia gun directly determines the service life of the fascia gun. The unique heat dissipation hole design enables rapid cooling. Even when the fascia gun is turned on in the high-frequency mode, it can still operate stably to continuously relax the muscle fascia.


≤ 45dB low noise mute

Relax as much as you can. Brushless high rotation motors are equipped with a new generation of noise reduction and mute technology, plus motor cushioning network and sound insulation board, which can reduce noise multiple times and finally suppress the noise within 45dB.


6 professional massage heads

Respond to a variety of massage needs, release fatigue, relieve pain, and make your fitness effect more significant.



LOGO customization

LCD screen

Multi gear adjustment

Low noise mute

Electronic heat dissipation

Long term endurance


Product parameters


Professional Multi Gear Fascia Gun

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Charging interface


Battery capacity



Black/Silver/Gold/Fiber Black/Red


Q.Is there the products tested before shipping?

Yes, of course. All of our conveyor belt we all will has been 100%QC  before shipping. We test every batch every day.


Q. Can I buy a sample before placing an order?

Of course, you are welcome to purchase samples first to see if our products are suitable for you.


Q:Can you produce conveyor as our requirements?

Yes, OEM is available. We have professional team to do anything what you want from us.

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