Uv Air Purifier with fan

Short Description:

1. Naturally insensitive, UV sterilization, HEPA filter

2. Turbo, LED touch screen, 8H timing

3. Wide-angle control shot, remote control, long-distance air supply

4. Safe without pages, convection circulation, easy to clean

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Purify the cool breeze and create a healthy life with science and technology

On the basis of the Uv Air Purifier with fan, it integrates the sterilization function and purification system, and upgrades and optimizes the performance, which can deliver clean and healthy natural wind to the room.
Ultraviolet sterilization technology, in-depth prevention to protect health
The fan has a built-in fixed UV sterilization module. Uv Air Purifier with fan has UV sterilization is based on modern epidemiological, medical and photodynamic technologies, which can kill bacteria, viruses, etc., effectively preventing the spread of other viruses.
Sealed purification system, surrounding purification is not easy to leak
The high-sealing cylindrical filter element, the air is sucked in and is surrounded by high-efficiency purification, the air is fresh and clean, and the unpurified air is effectively prevented from leaking into the room.
Turbocharging technology, the breeze is naturally soft
In addition to the purification function, a turbocharger system is also used, so that the air is blown out from a 2mm narrow gap at high speed and high pressure, and the air supply distance is long, and the wind is natural and comfortable without slapping.
Voice intelligent control, support Tmall Genie
Support Tmall Genie, the sound is remote control, free your hands to enjoy the cool easily.

Product parameters

homedics total clean personal air sanitizer
Name: Uv Air Purifier with fan
Product Model: LX-CR022
Product Size: 230×230×800mm
Net Weight: 3.2KG
Colour: White, Grey
After-sale service: National joint insurance
Function: Sterilization, purification, air supply, air circulation
Noise decibel: 35~45DB
Power supply: Alternating Current
Product Material: ABS
Rated voltage: 220V
Way to control: Tmall Genie, remote control, key operation
Wind type selection: Natural Wind
Rated frequency: 50HZ
Wind speed gear: 9+2 Gear
Product volume: 29cm×26cm×88.5cm
Operating power: 32±2W
Timing function: 2~8H
Sterilization rate: ≥99.99%
Air supply distance: 8m


Let’s see the detail of the Uv Air Purifier with fan.
1. Simple operation, simple operation buttons, the elderly and children can learn it in one go.
2. Easy to clean, no hard-to-clean fan blades and grilles can be wiped gently to complete the cleaning.
3. Stable placement, stable center of gravity of the chassis, no shaking, small footprint and space saving.
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