1000W household multifunctional air fryer

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Oil Free Air Frying

1. We can DIY food, we can decide the heating time and temperature of the food by ourselves, and make our favorite food;

2. Mechanical knob, more accurate to make food that suits your own taste;

3.360° circulating hot air, to the greatest extent perfect for making our food;

4.5.0L large capacity, let us bring a variety of delicacies in one pot and bring the ultimate enjoyment;

5. Non-stick filter basket, easy to clean.

360° air circulation heating, no need to fry to make crispy food

The 1000W household multifunctional air fryer is quickly heated in a sealed space by a baking device, and then a high-temperature heat cycle is formed by a turbo fan, which penetrates the ingredients to form a crispy skin.

Reduce oil content by 80%, say goodbye to delicate, and eat slim

The hollow flower filter basket can filter most of the oil and make the taste more healthy.

Knob control, simple and convenient, the taste is up to you

Knob design, easy operation, built-in precision module, temperature adjustment in place, accurate timing.

The heating speed is fast, and the intelligent constant temperature is more worry-free

1000W strong internal heat, rapid heating, more balanced temperature in the pot, and faster cooking.

Healthy and low oil, seasoning as you like, without sacrificing flavor

The mechanical operation is simple and easy to use, and the elderly and children can easily learn to make delicious street food.

Our Service

1. 24 hours a day service, all year round;

2. Equipped with a complete technical team, 1000W household multifunctional air fryer updates and improvements are fast;

3. All-round consultation center to solve all your concerns and doubts;

4. Fast global delivery, the order can be changed to arrange delivery, and the goods can be delivered to you in a very short time.

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ninja op350uk


1000W household multifunctional air fryer

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Plastic + PP

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Alternating Current


Yellow, White, Pink

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1 year





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Exquisite details show

A little bit of happiness starts from the details, let's take a look at the details of the 1000W household multifunctional air fryer.

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1. Q: Can you design the product I want?

A: Of course you can. As long as you provide us your design direction, we will provide you with physical objects, free designs and free samples.

2. Q: How to pack?

A: We will use different packaging methods according to different products. Usually in a PP bag or box.

3. Q: Can you provide other services?

A: When you and us form a long-term cooperative relationship, we will send our latest samples for free in each of your shipments. You can enjoy our reseller prices, and all your orders will be put into production first.

4. Q: Which countries are your main markets?

A: Our markets are mainly concentrated in the United States, Europe, Australia, Asia and other regions. Our products and services are highly rated by many of our partners.

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