110V And 220V New Pet Dryer

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Pet intelligent drying box, efficient and comfortable, drying and protecting.

1. Drying is like doing a spa, the temperature is very comfortable.
The real-time wind temperature is always maintained at 39 degrees, the best temperature for cats and dogs, rejecting hypoxia and scalding, warm but not irritable, as if you are in a gentle town.

2. Refuse the battlefield, easily get it done in 45 minutes.
In the time of one episode of web drama, the wet little cutie has a new look.

3. The fragrance is soft and soft, and I quickly bury my head and take a sip.
7-speed temperature control, easy to operate.

4. The blower can be strong or weak, and the cat litter can be cool or warm. Temperature and time can be precisely adjusted.

5. The wind comes from the bottom, and the little belly is dry.
It adopts a bottom air supply design that is more suitable for pets’ lying habit, and it can also easily handle the difficult-to-dry parts such as the abdomen and calves.

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No noise, no fuss, fell asleep while blowing.
The operating sound is as low as 30db, the soft wind does not stimulate the cute and sensitive emotions, and you can enjoy the pleasant hair-blowing time.
Worry that it is not big enough, two can only accommodate 60L large space, can easily accommodate 2 little cuties, unlock 360° hair blowing posture.
Dry and nourish in one, blow out healthy hair.
3 million negative ions enter the hair with the wind, reduce static electricity, soften the hair, and smooth out every frizz.
Insect control, sterilization, healthy and clean, no harm to pets.
It can effectively kill the bacteria on the pet's body. It can be used several times a month to prevent worms from growing on cats and dogs. If there are worms on the body, it can kill the worms on the body.
Safety is more important than ease of use.
Multiple safety devices are protected layer by layer, the two major safety modules are divided and conquered, and the ultimate pressure test has been continuously conducted for 1500 hours.


1. softness
2. Quick dry in 45 minutes
3. bottom air
4. 3 million negative ions
5. Multiple security protection
6. 30dB mute

Avoid procrastination, clean in four steps

The back is equipped with a precision filter, inhaled dust filter, and the filter assembly can be removed and washed for repeated use. The bottom water filter plate is removed in 3 seconds, and it is wiped clean.
STEP1 wipe clean hair.
STEP2 Dismantle and remove the water filter plate.
STEP3 Wipe off the accumulated water.
STEP4 One flush Periodically clear the filter element.




Innovative pet dryer



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sheet metal

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