2in1 Cat Dog Hair Cutter

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Shaving, grinding nails, two in one

Low vibration and low noise

Universal for cats and dogs


USB charging

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Product Description

5 steps to clipping pets with clippers

1.Before trimming: comb the hair of the part to be trimmed first. If the whole body is trimmed or the part to be trimmed is dirty, it is recommended to wash it first, blow dry and then trim it.

2.During the process: you should praise the caress, express the reward, in order to avoid the dog's nervousness, talk to it while trimming, give it encouragement, it will definitely fall in love with this "creative activity" completed with you.

3.The correct trimming sequence: first the soles of the feet, then the torso, then trim the hair on the head and face, and let it adapt slowly. If you need to keep a certain length of hair, you can use a hair splitter comb on the clipper head for use.

4.Selection of cutter head: Different cutter heads should be selected for different parts. The fine teeth are suitable for trimming the head, lower abdomen, soles and the periphery of the anus, and the wide teeth are suitable for the whole body of the torso of long-haired dogs, canine dogs and cats. Trim styling.

5.Electric clipper maintenance: After using the 2in1 Cat Dog Hair Cutter, please remove the cutter head and clean it with a brush, and then inject a little professional lubricating oil between the blades for simple maintenance.


1.Before shaving, remember to give your pet a bath, blow dry, straighten the hair, remove any knots and then shave.

2.Don't be nervous, holding the clipper is like holding a pen.

3.If the pet's hair is long and thick, it is best to cut it short with scissors beforehand, shaving layer by layer, gradually approaching the skin; this is safer.

4.Some pets will get stuck when using the comb when shaving. It is recommended to shave directly, but remember to keep the head of the 2in1 Cat Dog Hair Cutter parallel to the pet's skin.

Product parameters

best dog nail file


2in1 Cat Dog Hair Cutter

Motor voltage


Motor speed

6500 rpm/min

Charging voltage



NiCd battery: 2.4V/900mA

The main material


Product Size


Product Weight


Charging time

about 4 hours

Usage time

about 1.5 hours


Q1. How to ensure quality?
We do a final inspection before shipment.

Q2. What kind of warranty can you offer us?
Two-year warranty on frame from sale. If there is a quality problem, please feel free to contact us.

Q3. Can I buy a sample before placing an order?
Of course, you are welcome to purchase samples first to see if our products are suitable for you.

Q4. What should I do if the goods are damaged after receipt?
Please provide us with the relevant valid proof. Such as shoot a video for us to show how the goods are damaged, and we will send you the same product on your next order.

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