6L large capacity visual air fryer

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1. In the process of roasting any food, you need to turn 6L large capacity visual air fryer over halfway to ensure the food taste and heat evenly;

2. Large potatoes and sweet potatoes take 55 to 60 minutes to bake;

3. Frozen French fries bought in the supermarket can be baked directly, and potato fries can be fried and baked after being soaked in hot water;

4. For soft foods such as cakes, it is recommended to take out the baking tray, the volume is not easy to be too high, and the flat type is fine, because the center temperature of the product is high, and the volume is too high, and it is easy to bake;

5. It is recommended to cut the whole roasted chicken and keep a certain distance from the central heating plate.

Oil-free and low-fat, enjoy the delicious taste

360° panoramic viewing window, large capacity for the whole family to share happily.

light food health

Oil-free era, low-fat stomach. Simple fried can also be delicious, enjoy food, eat as much as you want, and you can still have a good figure.

360° surround sunroof

Oil-free cooking, at a glance. There is no need to repeatedly open the lid, and you can observe the baking status of the food at any time, and you can see the delicious food.

6L gold large capacity, easy to deal with large scenes

The large-capacity non-stick inner pot can meet the taste needs of the family, more than you can imagine, and 6L large capacity visual air fryer is easy to control happy parties.

Hot air circulation heating

The 8-blade starts the wind wheel instead of hot oil. Using the fat of the food itself as the raw material, it is fried in a 360° cycle of hot air, and the excess fat is discharged out of the food itself.

filter pan

Fryer, filter oil, easy to do at home. Non-stick and wear-resistant, carefully selected non-stick pan, easy to clean.

Clamshell design

Hassle-free cleaning, nowhere to hide oil stains. Easy and convenient to clean, even the dead corners can be washed easily.

Healthier without frying

Crispy and crispy, the taste is upgraded. Healthy high temperature degreasing frying, the gold temperature is 200 degrees Celsius, the degreasing is fast, the food is evenly heated, and the color is golden and attractive.

(Note: The temperature and time for different ingredients are different. The size and thickness of the ingredients will also have different effects on the heat and time. Please control it according to your own experience or taste. The above suggestions are for reference only)

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6L large capacity visual air fryer

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Let's take a look at the details of the 6L large capacity visual air fryer.

1.Anti-scalding handle;
2. High temperature resistant shell;
3. Non-stick coating, inner pot of baking pan;
4. Arc-shaped cooling vent;
5. Stable suction cup, non-slip feet.

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