800W Coffee Machine for Home Office

Short Description:

Cooked at 92°C for a milder taste

Coffee and tea have properties. They need to be incubated at a suitable temperature to emit a tangy aroma. The water temperature of 92 degrees can release the nutritional value reasonably.

Built-in PTC insulation board, 80°C continuous insulation

After the coffee or tea juice flows into the glass pot, the PTC professional thermal insulation board under the glass pot can precisely control the constant temperature of 80°C, and automatically enter the 2-hour thermal insulation state to retain the taste.

Safe to use

The machine comes with automatic power-off protection. After the coffee has been kept warm for two hours, if it is left unattended, it does not matter, the machine will automatically power off.

Simple to use, suitable for all ages, a great gift

Three steps to make coffee and tea: 1. Add water; 2. Add coffee/tea; 3. Press the switch key

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1. One machine for two purposes. Coffee machine/tea pot combo

2. Ingenious craftsmanship, preferred materials

3. Simple control panel

4. High quality glass body

5. Multi-occasion use, conference room use, office use, negotiation room, coffee shop use

6. Featured PTC insulation board

7. One-click to start spray cooking

8. Spray tea at 92℃, no nutrition loss

9. 720ml large capacity, multiple cups at a time

10. Continuous heat preservation at 80°C, the taste remains unchanged

11. Stylish and atmospheric design

Make an appointment in advance, it's easy

1. The night before, fill up with water and add ground coffee.

2. Turn on the switch to adjust the timing function, and then adjust the timing according to the actual needs.

3. Wait after the adjustment, and the coffee will be automatically heated and brewed as soon as the timing arrives.

4. Get up in the morning, have a delicious breakfast with bread and coffee.

Product parameters

name 800W Coffee Machine for Home Office
Product model DYCM6638TS
Rated voltage 220V
Rated power 800W
Rated frequency 50HZ
Product capacity 720ml
Product Size 290*150*200mm
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espresso machine
keurig coffee maker
nespresso machine
nespresso vertuo

How do I work?

800W Coffee Machine for Home Office

Spray, shower, boil, nutrition will not be lost After adding water to the water tank, it flows into the instant heating tube, the water boils instantly to form steam and rises upward; after the temperature of the nozzle drops to about 92 degrees, the tea is sprayed to release the nutrition and purification of the tea.

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