Hexagon Colourful Ionizer Air Cleaner

Short Description:

1. Low noise operation

2. Negative ion purification

3. Remove PM2.5

4. 360° circulating filtration

5. Smoke and dust removal 6. Colorful lights

Product Detail

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3 million negative oxygen ions bring fresh air

Negative air oxygen ion is a general term for negatively charged single gas and hydrogen ion groups. In natural ecosystems, forests and wetlands are important places for the production of negative oxygen ions in the air. It has a regulating effect in air purification and urban microclimate, and its concentration level is one of the indicators of urban air quality evaluation.

One-button touch switch, the whole family can use Hexagon Colourful Ionizer Air Cleaner

Simple and safe single-button touch switch design, children and the elderly can also use it with confidence, fresh air every day.
1. Connect the Type-C power cable, keep the power on and you can use it.
2. Click the touch button for the first time, the host starts to work, and the colorful lights function is turned on by default.
3. Touch the button for the second time, and the colorful light function is turned off.
4. Click the touch key again, the host stops working.
(Note: Negative ions are turned on at the same time in any mode)

Filter replacement steps

1. Unplug the product base
2. Pull out the filter element and replace with a new filter element
3. Reinstall the product base

Power supply of Hexagon Colourful Ionizer Air Cleaner

1. Charger power supply
2. Power bank for power supply
3. Computer power supply

Product parameters

clarifion cleanin
Name: Hexagon Colourful Ionizer Air Cleaner
Product Model: LX-K01
Product Size: 70×70×132mm
Net Weight: 146g
Colour: White, Black, Green
After-sale service: National joint insurance
Function: Remove smoke and dust
Working principle: Negative ion
Noise decibel: 0.5DB
Power supply: USB
Product Material: ABS/PC
Air purifier air volume: 50m3/h
Way to control: Touch Control
Application area: ≤10m3
Rated frequency: 5HZ
Filter Type: Composite filter
Accessories: Air purifier×1, box×1, manual×1, Type-C data cable×1
Power cord length: 1m
Working current: 300mAh(MAX)
Negative ion concentration: 3×106PCS/CM3
Hexagon Colourful Ionizer Air Cleaner


Let’s see the detail of Hexagon Colourful Ionizer Air Cleaner.
1 Touch button: The touch button is more sensitive, labor-saving, not easy to be damaged and deformed, and has a longer service life.
2. Honeycomb air inlet: The use of fine 6-sided air inlet allows more air to enter and improve the filtration efficiency.
3. Type-C socket power supply: Type-C socket power supply, preventing mis-insertion, regardless of whether it is positive or negative, it is more worry-saving, time-saving and safe.

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