Large capacity touch screen air fryer

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Large capacity, no frying, DIY frying, enjoy eating.

Leave cooking defense to him, and party snacks are easy to enjoy.

A large fry basket of the Large capacity touch screen air fryer is equal to one six-inch pizza; or six large drumsticks; or six cupcakes; or three-inch roast steak; or twelve chicken wings; or five large sweet potatoes.

Large digital display touch screen, easy to bake regularly. Complicated cooking, easy operation.

Cooking reference, you can understand Large capacity touch screen air fryer at a glance, with 9 preset menus, beginner can easily cook food.

High power, high fire power, hot air instead of frying, no additional oil, fried crispy. (Air frying is no frying and hot air frying, no additional oil, delicious, healthy and no waste; ordinary frying means that all items are immersed in hot oil and cooked, which is greasy and high-fat and requires a lot of oil)

Hot and cold air circulation, stable temperature control, precise temperature control, uniform cooking.

Pull the power off automatically, put it back to continue to work, and easily turn around during a fake chat.

Simple design, simple and beautiful storage, versatile at home, say goodbye to storage anxiety.

Separate non-stick frying basket & baking pan, borders are easy to clean.

The role of the screen in the air fryer:

The screen in the air fryer, its function is to fry some small things or put things on the inside. For example, when baking cakes, you can put some cake molds or other shaped molds on the filter screen, which is easier to operate and more effective, it is good.

How to clean your air fryer:

1. After use, pour out the residual oil at the bottom of the pot;

2. Pour detergent and warm water (or enzyme detergent) into the inner pot and pot and soak for a few minutes, but be careful not to use irritating or corrosive detergents, which are not only bad for the pot but also bad for the body, it is good;

3. Use sponges, brushes and bristle brushes to assist in cleaning the inner pot and frying net.

Uses of Air Fryers:

The air fryer can not only do traditional frying, but also make cakes, pizzas and other snacks and snacks, as well as cook all kinds of seafood or spare ribs and other ingredients.

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ninja grill air fryer


Large capacity touch screen air fryer

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1 year

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Product parameters

It's time for us to look at the details of the Large capacity touch screen air fryer.

1. Smart touch, smart large screen touch, simple and convenient;

2. Heat dissipation holes on the back of the machine, rear heat dissipation and exhaust;

3. The large anti-scalding handle, widened and enlarged, saves effort to hold.

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