LCD touch screen automatic air fryer

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A multi-purpose machine, covering a table of delicious food. Baking, frying, and roasting are all in one, and you can easily unlock a variety of delicious flavors.
The fried chicken does not put oil, it is delicious and healthy, and it is heated by hot air convection to remove the oil and make it crispy and tender.
6.5L gold large capacity, friends get together, indulge and eat. One pot for all parties (girlfriend parties, family reunions, etc.).

LCD touch screen automatic air fryer

The 360° full surrounding hot air circulation baking removes the grease, locks the juice and nutrition, and is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, and the mouth is crisp and tender. (The confrontation with more oil and less oil is immediately superior. Traditional fried food is greasy on the surface, sticks more oil, and tastes greasy; however, the food made with the LCD touch screen automatic air fryer is low-fat air-frying. The oil of the food itself is roasted, low-fat, low-oil, low-calorie, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, and diet stars will not worry about extra calorie intake after eating.)
Smart touch, one key to start a delicious journey. Touch experience, one-key touch, various choices, free timing and temperature adjustment.
Satisfy the picky taste, choose the time and temperature as you like. Click to choose to increase or decrease the cooking time, and prepare exclusive private dishes.
Food-grade non-stick liner, cleans instantly with just a swipe. Food grade non-stick coating liner, durable and high temperature resistant, safe and easy to clean.


1. One machine is multi-purpose, one air fryer, cooking and frying everything is complete;
2. 6.5L gold large capacity, reduce the food equipment used in large gatherings, and can also prepare a variety of food time;
3. 360° circulating hot air, quite a small blast stove, makes LCD touch screen automatic air fryer more like frying effect, fast heating can make food lock in water and juicy, and oil-free and healthy.

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LCD touch screen automatic air fryer

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It's time for us to look at the details of the LCD touch screen automatic air fryer.

1. Wide handle, non-slip and anti-scalding. Not only is it easy to carry, but it also prevents scalding. It is worth mentioning that the inner side of the handle is designed with an interface to connect with the host, which not only makes the pot more stable, but also ensures the safety in use. During the working process, if the glass pot is taken out halfway, the host will automatically stop. heating;
2. Touch screen, easy to operate and clear at a glance. It is very convenient for people who are too lazy to think about how to make them, not only do they not need to think about the time and temperature, but also easy to clean, because the knob-type products are prone to dust accumulation in the corners and crevices of the knobs, which is difficult to clean;
3. Separate oil filter rack, which can quickly separate grease. You can use it to filter out excess oil when making foods with a lot of fat, such as fried chicken and barbecue, so that it tastes healthier. And the grill has a non-stick coating on it, making it super easy to clean.

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