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In today's booming economic life, people's pursuit of spirituality is becoming more and more abundant, so the population of pets is gradually growing. Among them, cats and dogs account for the majority of the population, probably because they are generally well-versed in human nature, not only obedient but also loyal.

Pet cats and dogs are relatively close to their owners in daily life. Sometimes they accidentally hurt their owners because their fingernails are too long in their daily companionship and interaction. Moreover, too long fingernails may also affect the dog's health and walking. In addition, it is easy to scratch. Wooden floors, carpet furniture, furniture and other household objects, so owners need to regularly trim the nails of cats and dogs. However, the dog's nails are thick and hard and cannot be trimmed by ordinary people's nail scissors. Special pet nail scissors, such as our Led Light Cat Nail Cutter, are needed, and there are blood lines in the nails, and the blood line nerves are accidentally cut. Not only can it cause painful bleeding in cats and dogs, it can also cause panic stress, so keep these tips in mind.

Of course, many medium and large dogs who often walk and exercise will sharpen their claws, so they are not particularly long, but for some dogs who lack exercise all the year round or even are locked in cages, their nails will become ill if they are not trimmed, and generally small dogs are relatively rare. For the habit of grinding the paws, generally dogs have four toenails plus a "wolf paw", which is the toe that grows a little above the back of the foot. That is basically useless. Too long also affects the dog's daily life or hurts itself, so must be trimmed.

It is generally recommended to trim it after bathing, and it is necessary to show the dog's blood line in a place with sufficient light or even light before trimming with Led Light Cat Nail Cutter. One trim should not be too deep, and trim slowly inward from a 45°angle around the periphery. About a third of the first trim will do.

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Q1. Can I buy a sample before placing an order?

Of course, you are welcome to purchase samples first to see if our products are suitable for you.

Q2. What should I do if the goods are damaged after receipt?

Please provide us with the relevant valid proof. Such as shoot a video for us to show how the goods are damaged, and we will send you the same product on your next order.

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We accept FOB,CIF,etc. You can choose the one which is the most convenient or cost effective for you.

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