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Double lamp design

Double lamp design, double care. Healthy skin, at a glance. The innovative design of LED Pet Nail Grinder adds ultraviolet light, and the main wavelength of professional purple light detection is 365nm-370nm, which has stronger penetrating power and does not hurt the eyes and skin of pets.

Bright LED lights illuminate blood lines. UV light to detect cat moss.

Smart chip

The LED Pet Nail Grinder has a built-in smart chip, dual-light collaboration, smart optimization, dual-light lightning switch, smooth without delay, improving user experience, and layer by layer convenience.


1.The LED light illuminates the blood line, cutting nails efficiently and quickly, with a light to illuminate the blood line to avoid cutting the blood line to protect pets from harm, and pay attention to humanization.

2.Touch the switch, the owner can easily grind the nails, press and hold the switch to work, lightly open the switch to stop working

3.Two-speed speed regulation is suitable for pets of different sizes

4.It can be rotated in the direction/reverse direction, which is convenient for the owner to grind the pet's nails from different angles

If the nails are not polished and smooth, the dog may be stabbed in the process of growing, or when the dog runs to the owner to play, the nails on the hands and feet may also stab the owner. However, although nail grinding can smoothen the nails, it is recommended not to completely replace the nail polisher with sandpaper. In addition to the low efficiency, the dog may feel impatient because it takes too long. In the past, dogs lived in the wild and could sharpen their nails by walking on rough ground, but now dogs can't achieve the effect of sharpening their nails when they walk on flat ground. At this time, they rely on the owner to help the dog for about a week. The dog has cut his nails once.

Product parameters

pet nail grinder


LED Pet Nail Grinder

The main material


Charging mode


Charging voltage


Rechargeable battery

Lithium battery 2000MA, NiMH battery 900MA

Product voltage

DC3.6V, DC2.4V

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Q: Can you do OEM and ODM?

A: Yes, OEM and ODM are both acceptable. The material, color, style can customize, the basic quantity we will advise after we discuss.

Q: Can we use our own logo?

A: Yes, we can print your private logo according to your request.

Q: Can you do our own packaging?

A: Yes, you just provide the package design and we will produce what you want. We also have the professional designer can help you do the packaging design.  

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