Multicolor High Density Bristle Electric Toothbrush

Short Description:

Really clean teeth and gum protection, clean and reach the gap between teeth

Ordinary/not fine-tuned toothbrushes cannot penetrate deep into the crevices to clean tartar and damage the gums. The soft hair/tip is as thin as 0.02mm, which can easily penetrate into the crevices to clean the tartar, and it is soft and does not hurt the gums.Multicolor High Density Bristle Electric Toothbrush

Product Detail

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Medical grade alloy steel head

Intelligent high-frequency vibration + steel head can switch brushing/cleaning brushing at will, and easily remove calculus and stains. Can remove tartar, tooth stains, tea stains.

5 cleaning modes, comparable to cleaning-grade care

1.Cleaning mode: frequency per minute, high frequency swing, suitable for ordinary people; 2. Whitening mode: high frequency and rhythm, improve tooth stains, smoke stains, tea stains and other specific groups; 3. Care mode: combination of cleaning and sensitive mode ; 4. Sensitive mode: suitable for first-time users.

Stable Swing, In-depth Cleaning Of Oral Blind Spots

The stable torque output keeps the bristles in the cavity to form a small pulse force that impacts the blind area of the teeth.

Product parameters

Multicolor High Density Bristle Electric Toothbrush


Multicolor High Density Bristle Electric Toothbrush






Color customization



Battery Capacity:


Packing List:

Host, toothbrush head, charging stand, manual

Power Supply:

Wireless induction

Warranty Time:

1 year

Teeth cleaning mode:

5 cleaning modes

Motor Type:

Magnetic Levitation Motor



Electric toothbrush type:


Battery life:

>7 Days

Control method:

Button type

Product Model:


Product Size:



Toothbrush head replacement steps:

Electric toothbrush head + tooth cleaning head, can be used for multiple purposes.    

Step 1:Hold the main unit with one hand and the cleaning head with the other hand.

Step 2:Pull out along the cleaning head.

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We can know more about the Multicolor High Density Bristle Electric Toothbrush through some photos.

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Q: Are you a factory?

A: We are a professional manufacturer with years of experience in beauty Multicolor High Density Bristle Electric Toothbrush.

Q: Can you provide wholesale price?

A: Yes, if you order large quantity, we can give you bulk price.

Q: Is the quality of your products guaranteed?

A: We have very strict quality control for quality control. So don't worry about the quality.

Q: What should I do if there is a problem with the Multicolor High Density Bristle Electric Toothbrush?

A: If you have any questions about our products, please leave us a message and show the video. We will get back to you within 24 hours and refund or resend it to you.

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