How to use a humidifier

01 Preferred mist-free humidifier

The most common thing we see on the market is the "fog-type" humidifier, also known as the "ultrasonic humidifier", which is more cost-effective. There is also a type of "non-fog" humidifier, also called "evaporative humidifier". Its price is generally higher, and the evaporative water core needs to be replaced regularly, and there is a certain expenditure on consumables.
When purchasing a humidifier, it is recommended to choose one with no or less white fog. In addition, you can also put your hand on the air jet for about 10 seconds. If there is no water droplets in the palm of your hand, it means that the most important part of the ultrasonic humidifier has a good uniformity of the transducer, otherwise it indicates that the process is rough.
Parents should pay attention to: In principle, if tap water is used, and there are susceptible people such as babies and the elderly at home, it is best not to choose an ultrasonic humidifier.


02 Don't "feed" the humidifier

Bactericides, vinegar, perfumes and essential oils should not be added to humidifiers.
Tap water generally contains chlorine, so do not add it directly to the humidifier.
It is recommended to use cool boiled water, purified water or distilled water with less impurities. If conditions are limited, let the tap water sit for a few days before adding to the humidifier.


03 It is recommended to wash thoroughly once every two weeks

If the humidifier is not cleaned regularly, the hidden microorganisms such as mold will enter the room with the sprayed aerosol, and people with weak resistance are prone to pneumonia or respiratory infection.
It is best to change the water every day and clean it thoroughly every two weeks. The humidifier that has not been used for a period of time should be thoroughly cleaned for the first time. When cleaning, use less sterilant and disinfectant, rinse with running water repeatedly, and then wipe off the scale around the water tank with a soft cloth.
When cleaning, it is recommended that parents choose an open water tank, which is more convenient for cleaning and reduces the growth of bacteria.

04 The distance of the humidifier is also important

The humidifier should not be too close to the human body, especially not facing the face, at least 2 meters away from the human body. In order to ensure the humidification effect, the humidifier should be placed on a stable plane 0.5 to 1.5 meters above the ground.
It is best to place the humidifier in a ventilated and moderately lit place, away from home appliances and wooden furniture to prevent moisture.


05 Do not use it for 24 hours

After parents understand the benefits of humidifiers, they use humidifiers in the house 24 hours a day. It is best not to do this. It is recommended to stop every 2 hours and pay attention to the ventilation of the room.
If the humidifier is turned on for a long time and the windows are not opened for ventilation, it is easy to cause the indoor air humidity to be too high, which can easily lead to the growth of harmful bacteria, dust mites and molds, thus affecting the health of children.


Post time: Jun-06-2022