Coffee machine is the choice of automatic or semi-automatic good? Recommended Guide for Beginners

If you live a fast life, like simple operation, coffee produced fast and stable coffee machine, then the automatic coffee machine is the best and most worthwhile choice for you. However, if you have plenty of time and energy in your life, like to study and make coffee, and have the foundation and technology to make coffee, then semi-automatic coffee machine must be the most worthwhile choice for you, and it can also bring you more surprises.


Introduction to automatic coffee machine

1. The operation of Italian automatic coffee machine is very simple, which adopts one-button production. Simply put the coffee beans/powder into the bean bin, add enough water in the water tank, select your taste, cup size and other parameters, and then click to make, which can produce a cup of fragrant and delicious coffee quickly.

2, automatic coffee machine can make coffee flavors are rich enough, such as: cappuccino, macchiato, latte, mocha, American, milk coffee and other flavors, to meet everyone’s taste needs.

3. It is also very convenient in cleaning. Most automatic coffee machines have automatic cleaning function, and it is easy to remove parts. But for the regular maintenance of the machine or to be in place, this can make the machine to maintain a high level of work.

4. However, the price of the automatic coffee machine is still very high, and the price of the cost-effective machine is basically above 3k. Therefore, when choosing, we should find the right brand and choose channels, which is related to the follow-up after-sales maintenance service.


Semi-automatic home coffee maker

Technically, a semi-automatic coffee machine is a professional coffee machine. A cup of high-quality coffee is not only related to the quality of the coffee beans used, but also related to the coffee machine, and more related to the operator’s coffee making technology. Only when all three give play to their own advantages, can a cup of fragrant and delicious coffee be perfectly made. Everyone has different tastes and different requirements for coffee.

Semi-automatic coffee machine needs the operator to fill powder and press powder, can be through the operator to choose the amount of powder and the strength of powder to provide different tastes of coffee, so it is called a real professional coffee machine.

The semi-automatic coffee machine, although expensive as a professional coffee machine, can indeed allow you to make 100, 150, or even 200 points of coffee, but it may also allow you to try to make -100 points of coffee, the main reason for this change is the operator’s skill. So, you have to work on your technique to harness it.

If you want to make a cup of high-quality coffee with a semi-automatic coffee machine, you need to have some technical support. And the production needs a lot of processes, it needs to carry out machine debugging, weighing beans, need an excellent grinding machine, manual operation of grinding, powder loading, powder pressing, machine preheating, extraction, pressure and temperature monitoring, milk foam, cleaning residue, cleaning machine utensils and other processes.

It also takes a long time to make, and over time, as soon as the novelty wears off, the machine doesn’t just sit there and change hands, which is quite common. So it is not friendly and suitable for novice friends.

Post time: Nov-11-2022