Cleaning and maintenance of air purifier

In order to make the purifier work better, please do the following maintenance in a timely manner when the cleaning indicator flashes to remind you to clean after a period of use.

Components necessary for cleaning operation

1. Container: Prepare the container for cleaning the purification layer.

2. Special cleaning agent: use the cleaning agent that has no corrosive effect on the ion box, internal aluminum electrode and resin.

3. Plastic gloves and protective Yang Jing: Please wear gloves and protective glasses to protect your hands and eyes when cleaning.

Cleaning method

1. When opening the rear cover of the machine body and pulling out the purification layer for cleaning, care should be taken to prevent force deformation. If the purification layer is not deformed, it is easy to cause failure.

2. Ion box cleaning: use special cleaning agent, and control the spraying amount according to the turbidity of the ion box. Evenly spray the aluminum sheet inside the ion box, wait for about 10 minutes after spraying, and let the cleaning agent dissolve the oil stain. Then rinse with water.

3. The stainless steel primary filter screen can be washed with towel and water.

4. Formaldehyde filter screen and ozone filter screen are consumable materials, which can not be cleaned due to long-term use and chemical synthesis.

Post cleaning steps

1. The ion box shall be naturally dried. Do not dry it with towel fibers. Dry it in a well ventilated place for more than 12 hours. Do not use hot air higher than 45 , such as a dry drying oven and a hair dryer, or it will cause deformation. The ion box that is not completely dried will cause poor insulation and other problems.

2. After cleaning, check whether the ion box is normal and whether the electrode plate is deformed, bent and smooth. When the electrode is deformed or irregular, please use flat nose pliers for correction.

3. After the cleaning is completed, turn on the power supply and the Chang An cleaning key for more than 3 seconds to restore the reminder function, and then conduct a 3-minute test run.

Post time: Dec-03-2022