Features of Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush Solution

What is an electric toothbrush? What are the features of ultrasonic electric toothbrush?

Electric toothbrush is a kind of toothbrush invented by Philippe-Guy Woog. Through the rapid rotation or vibration of the electric core, the brush head produces high-frequency vibration, which instantly decomposes the toothpaste into fine foam, and deeply cleans the teeth. At the same time, the vibration of the bristles It can promote the blood circulation of the mouth and has a massage effect on the gum tissue.

Electric toothbrushes have set off a revolution in the field of oral health care abroad. Ultrasonic electric toothbrush is an upgraded version of electric toothbrush. What are the outstanding features and functions of ultrasonic electric toothbrush in development and design? Next, I will introduce it to you.

Ultrasonic electric toothbrush program development and design, electric toothbrush highly integrated charging chip, single chip microcomputer, motor motor driver chip, electric toothbrush program function overview:

1.4 cleaning modes, customized on demand, with arbitrary functions.

(Sensitive and soft: suitable for people who are prone to bleeding gums; gum massage: for people with gum problems; polishing and whitening: suitable for people who want to whiten their teeth; deep cleaning: suitable for people who need to clean their calculus)

2. Built-in high-precision smart chip, two-minute working mode switching,

3. Intelligent 30S reminder function, (reminds the replacement area to clean);

4. With charging indicator (full charging indicator + low battery reminder)

5. Charging chip + MCU + motor drive SOP-16 package

Based on the user’s usage habits, the electric toothbrush scheme independently developed by Shenzhen Zhimaisheng Technology Co., Ltd. sets the timing mode, reminders such as changing zones, stopping, switching the machine to brush teeth, etc., and can also be customized and developed based on the user’s usage scenario.

The mature electric toothbrush solution has the advantages of controllable force, swing direction, high frequency and high speed. A full set of test data is provided when the sample is handed over, and every detail is not missed. Reliable and trustworthy solution provider! Has been shipped in bulk, welcome to inquire!

Our advantage:

The single-chip integration is high, the peripheral is simplified, and the cost is low; the R&D process is standardized, and professional technical support is provided; high cost performance, strong stability, and short development cycle.

So welcome to buy.

Post time: Sep-07-2022