How to choose the right air fryer

The air frying pan is a common small household appliance in life. It is easy to operate and simple. Many people will use it to make various kinds of food snacks, such as fried chicken wings, egg tarts and French fries. The capacity of the air frying pan varies from large to small. Many families suggest buying a larger one, and few families can buy a smaller one. The larger the air frying pan is, the better it is.

Is it better to make the air fryer bigger or smaller?

It should not be too large or too small. It is good to fit the size, mainly depending on the quantity and number of food. If there is not enough food to cook, one or two people can use it. Just buy a smaller one. If there is a lot of food for five or six people, it is recommended to buy a larger one.

1. Small air fryer

What is the capacity of a small air fryer? If fully opened, it can hold 10 chicken wings, 5 yellow croakers and a large box of French fries. This large capacity air fryer is basically suitable for living alone, two worlds and three families.

2. Large air fryer

The capacity of large air fryer is 8-10l, which has a large space. Basically, many large air fryers are equipped with some clapboards. We can arrange the food layer by layer, which is more suitable for families with large daily cooking. However, the large volume air fryer is relatively large, which will take up more space on the kitchen table.

Tip: The air fryer has two capacities, one is a small air fryer, and the other is a large air fryer. The small air fryer is about 2-4 liters, and the large air fryer is about 8-10 liters. In terms of specific choices, we should start from our own situation and choose the ability that is suitable for our family.

How to choose an air fryer

1. Safety

No matter what household appliances you buy, you must consider their safety, especially those like air fryers. When you cook, you don’t want the pot to explode. It’s too dangerous, so when you buy it, you must see whether the goods have the national CCC certification mark.

2. Performance

Performance is also an important reference for buying air fryers. You can check the performance of the air fryer from such aspects as whether the temperature controller works normally, whether the frying pan is stuck, and whether the coating on the frying basket falls off.

3. Appearance

Beauty is justice. Even if safety and performance are guaranteed, if the appearance is ugly, I believe you will not take it home. When choosing, you should refer to your own kitchen style and existing household appliances, because these small places often highlight your quality of life.

Post time: Nov-09-2022