How to Use Air Purifier Correctly

Since the concept of haze was known to the public, the air purifier has always been hot, and many families have also added air purifiers. Do you really use an air purifier? The price of air purifiers varies. If they are not used correctly, they will buy an expensive decoration at best. How to prevent the air purifier from becoming expensive and make full use of everything.

First of all, you can’t use the air purifier when you open the window. Of course, no one will open the window when you use it. What is mentioned here is the room sealing. The air is circulating. As long as it is an open door, or people often come in and go out, or even the air conditioning hole in your room is not tightly sealed, the air purification effect will be greatly reduced. Therefore, the necessary premise for the effective use of air purifier is that the environment should be relatively closed.

All air purifiers basically have multiple wind speeds. A large number of users, for various reasons, are afraid that the machine will consume too much for a long time, save electricity or feel that the noise is too loud. They only operate for a few hours with a small amount of wind. When people go home, they turn on and turn off. They think that they can purify the air in this way. The actual result of this use is that the purification effect is poor, and it is recommended to start the machine 24 hours a day. When the machine is started up, it will run at the maximum wind speed for more than one hour. Generally, the pollutant concentration can reach a low level at this time, and then it will run at a higher gear (gear 5 or 4) for a long time.

Each air purifier has a design use area, and the design use area is calculated according to the current average floor height of the apartment of 2.6 meters. If your house is a duplex or villa, the actual use area will definitely be doubled. Even if the floor height is 2.6m, the standard applicable area on most empty labels is still high.

Most air purifiers using filter element technology need to draw the surrounding air into the machine through a fan, filter it, and then blow it out. At this time, the empty position is very important. If you place it in a corner, which blocks the air flow, its purification capacity will be greatly reduced. Therefore, it is recommended to place the empty space in an open place, with no obstructions at least 30cm around. It would be better if it could be placed in the center of the room.

The filter element is the filtering unit of the air purifier, and also determines the filtering capacity of the air purifier to a large extent. However, the best filter element must be replaced when its life is up, otherwise it will become a secondary pollution source. If the pollutants adsorbed have exceeded the saturation value, then new pollutants cannot be adsorbed. At this time, the air purifier becomes a poor electric fan. What’s worse, with the further deterioration of the filter element performance, the pollutants originally stuck on the filter element will also fall off and be blown out together with the air flow, causing pollution.

Use the air purifier correctly, refuse to become expensive furnishings, and make home a fresh paradise.

Post time: Nov-19-2022