What are the types of coffee machines?

Tasting a cup of coffee in a busy life is the living habit of many people. If there is a requirement for the quality of coffee, then the figure of the coffee machine is an indispensable item, but the coffee machine is also divided into different types and different types of coffee. The machine can make different coffees. The following are the concentrated types of coffee machines compiled by Xiaobian, and you are welcome to refer to them.

1. Drip coffee machine

Place filter paper or a strainer on the top of the container, pour the coarsely ground powder water over the top, and pour the coffee out from the bottom. The feature is that it can quickly make coffee drinks, suitable for making American coffee.

2. High pressure steam coffee machine

It is a way to quickly brew coffee with high-pressure hot water. It uses 5~20BAR hot water pressure to quickly soak coffee powder, which can completely extract the oil and aroma in coffee. It can make espresso coffee, suitable for those who pay attention to coffee taste.

3. Capsule coffee machine

Use professional technology to concentrate the coffee in the capsule. When using, put the coffee capsule into the coffee machine to get pure coffee. The capsule coffee machine is easy to use and suitable for those who pursue the quality of life.

4. Semi-automatic coffee machine

Italian traditional coffee machine. Features, this machine relies on manual operations for grinding, pressing, filling, brewing and manually removing residues.

5. Espresso machine

This machine uses 9BAR and 90°C high-temperature steam to quickly extract coffee powder in a short time to make a perfect cup of espresso or cappuccino.

Now everyone knows what the categories of coffee machines are? When buying a coffee machine, you must pay attention to the type of coffee you need.

Post time: Sep-02-2022