What are the advantages and disadvantages of night lights? listen to me

There are many small and exquisite gadgets in our life now, and they often bring us convenience, just like night lights, for example, some people are afraid of the dark at night or have to get up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet, and the night lights are just It can relieve your troubles, and in the dark night, it can play a role in lighting. The following is a small series to introduce to you the advantages and disadvantages of night lights.

Advantage 1: Lighting function: For example, some people are afraid of the dark at night, or they need to go to the toilet in the middle of the night and call the night light, which will play a lighting role and is more convenient.

Advantage 2: Decorative effect: There are many types of night lights on the market now, and there are many materials. Their appearance is usually beautiful, cute, delicate and small, and they are especially good for sperm absorption. A lot of people fell in love with him.

Advantage 3: Mosquito repellent effect: The night light has a multi-purpose function at the same time, adding incense essential oil to become a fragrance lamp, adding mosquito repellent essential oil or mosquito repellent liquid can become an environmentally friendly mosquito repellent lamp, which can achieve non-toxic mosquito repellent Effect, adding vinegar can achieve disinfection and sterilization, purify the air.

Disadvantage 1: Sleeping with the light on can cause myopia in children. The latest research results show that children who sleep with the lights on before the age of two have a 34% chance of developing myopia in the future. If they sleep with the lights on after the age of 2, the rate of myopia will be 55% in the future. Children who sleep with the lights off The rate of myopia is only 10%. And between two to three years old is a critical period for baby’s eye development. If we sleep with the lights on for a long time, our vision will also be affected.

Disadvantage 2: Sleeping with the light on will affect the child’s growth. Children secrete growth hormone during sleep, and when the lights are on, growth hormone levels drop, which in turn slows down development. Night lights will directly interfere with the secretion of growth hormones in children, which is not conducive to growing taller. Sleeping with these lights for a long time, the human body will have some unhealthy changes.

Disadvantage 3: Waste of electricity resources. Like we usually turn on the night light to sleep, it is a whole night, although the small night light does not consume much electricity, but our long-term accumulation also wastes a lot of electricity resources.

Post time: Aug-25-2022