Which air fryer or oven is better for home use?

Nowadays, more and more young people are beginning to pursue a refined life. Many people on the Internet will share their own breakfast or food, which looks very beautiful. Therefore, ovens and air fryers have become a must-have in many young people’s kitchens. Home appliances, after all, no one can refuse the sense of healing brought by baking.

While it’s great to make your own meals at home, which one is better at home, an air fryer or an oven? This should be a problem for many young people. In the face of two kinds of home appliances, friends who hesitate repeatedly can look down.

As a person who often bakes at home, I bought these two small appliances and used them for more than half a year. I want to tell you a few truths.

How Air Fryers and Ovens Work

There is no essential difference between the air fryer and the oven we use every day. They both cook the food by heating the space.

Oven: Heating through the upper and lower heating tubes can lock the moisture of the ingredients firmly.

Air fryer: Through high-speed air circulation technology, the food is put into the air fryer, and the fryer is heated while using hot air to flow, so that the food is cooked.

By understanding the principles of the two products, we can see that the air fryer is more convenient to use.

Pros and cons of air fryers and ovens

The advantages of the air fryer: it is small and does not take up space, it is easy to operate, the food tastes better, and the price is cheap.

Disadvantages of air fryer: small capacity, limited food preparation, not easy to clean.

The advantages of the oven: large capacity, no limitations in making food, more suitable for baking masters.

Disadvantages of the oven: it takes up space, needs to be used accurately, is not suitable for novices, and is expensive.

By comparison, you can see that it is not without reason that air fryers are more sought after by young people, and I have used both. If we just make some delicacies at home, the air fryer is more suitable; if it is a professional If you are a baker, the oven is more suitable.

How to properly clean an oven or air fryer?

Both air fryers and ovens have a common disadvantage, that is, they are not easy to clean. After all, these two small household appliances will breed a lot of oil stains during the use process. It is really troublesome to remove the oil stains. matter.

I have been using it for half a year, and it takes a lot of effort to clean these two appliances every time, especially because I am worried that they will be affected by water, so I found some cleaning artifacts and shared them with you.

01 Range hood cleaner

This artifact is really convenient for cleaning air fryers and ovens. Just spray it directly on the oily places, and the dirt will disappear immediately. This cleaning power is much stronger than ordinary detergents.

It spits out a dense foam that deep cleans and dissolves grease, leaving your oven and air fryer looking new every time you use it.

This range hood cleaner contains a lot of plant extracts and natural active enzymes, which can dissolve oil stains and can also inhibit bacteria and disinfect. As long as there is oil stains in the kitchen, you can use it to clean.

02 Kitchen Decontamination Wipes

If the small appliances in the kitchen are oily, and you are worried about water, you can try kitchen decontamination wipes.

These kitchen decontamination wipes contain a lot of detergent, and a simple swipe of oil will remove grime.

It is very simple to use, because the wipe itself has a certain dissolving power, so it does not need to be matched with any cleaning agent.

When cooking, take out a piece of paper and simply wipe the kitchen oil, and the whole kitchen will become cleaner.

How to choose an air fryer?

As a person who has used both kinds of small appliances, I still recommend everyone to use the air fryer. We usually cook every day, and it is impossible to use the air fryer to make food every day. High coefficient oven.

For office workers who live alone or rent a house, it is more suitable to choose an air fryer.

When choosing an air fryer, it is not the more expensive the better, as long as you choose the style that suits you, the general price is around 300, with a timer function, and the size of the capacity of 2-4 people is enough.

I bought the air fryer for my home casually on the Internet. The price is less than 300 yuan. After using it for half a year, I feel pretty good.

When you buy an air fryer, you must shop around so that you can choose the product that suits you.


Many friends don’t know how to choose between air fryer and oven. After reading this article, everyone should be clear. You might as well choose on our company’s official website. Our company has many styles and different functions. Air fryer or oven.

Post time: Aug-30-2022