Non Woven Temperature Control Electric

Short Description:

Six characteristics

1. Intelligent temperature control

2. Overheating power failure

3. Acarus killing and moisture removal

4. Double temperature and double control

5. Sleep timing

6. 3C certification

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Non Woven Temperature Control Electric Blanket is a kind of contact electric heating appliance. It weaves or sews a specially made soft cord type electric heating element with insulation performance up to standard into the blanket in a coiled snake shape. When it is energized, it emits heat.

It is mainly used to raise the temperature in the quilt when people sleep to achieve the purpose of heating. It can also be used for dehumidification of the bedding. It has a history of more than 100 years with less power consumption, adjustable temperature, convenient use and extensive use.

 Pay attention to insulation

The elderly and infirm like to use electric blankets when the cold wave comes, but if the electric blankets are continuously powered on for too long without a thermostatic safety device, it is easy to cause fire accidents. But our Non Woven Temperature Control Electric Blanket, have this safety device, which will automatically power off, so you don't have to worry about it. In addition, the electric blanket is broken due to long-term rubbing, which will also cause fire. To prevent fire caused by electric blanket, insulation and short circuit prevention shall be paid attention to. If the electric blanket is damaged, it must not be disassembled or repaired at will, but it must be repaired by a professionalThe electric blanket used for sofa bed, steel wire bed and other soft beds must be a folding electric blanket. The linear electric blanket is usually sold on the market. This kind of electric blanket is only suitable for use on hard beds, not on soft beds, otherwise it is easy to break the heating elements and cause accidents. 

Product parameters


Non Woven Temperature Control Electric Blanket


Non Woven fabric


180X80CM(single control), 180X120CM(single control), 180X150CM(Dual temperature dual control),200X180CM(Dual temperature dual control)

Rated voltage






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