Washable Single Person Heating Blanket

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Constant temperature protection system

The whole line temperature is controlled, and the whole line heats up quickly. You can feel the warmth of Washable Single Person Heating Blanket in a few minutes. Short circuit protection, overvoltage protection, automatic power off, peace of mind. The thermostatic control heats evenly and stably, and the insulation is designed to prevent electric leakage.

Fluffy plush

It is always warm, fluffy and comfortable. Washable Single Person Heating Blanket gives you warmth like a hug, fearing the cold, soft and smooth plush, and you can feel the delicate touch with your hands. Front flannel, back comfortable cotton wool. Both sides are available.

Three gear temperature control

The three gear temperature control is freely adjusted, and the one button operation makes it easy for the elderly and children to use.

Automatic power-off

Three hours of automatic power off, do not worry about forgetting to shut down. Solve the problem of forgetting to shut down when leaving.

Matters needing attention

It is forbidden to wrap the controller in the electric blanket. Do not wet the controller or put it into water.

When the automatic timing time is up, the power will be turned off automatically. At this time, after the switch is pushed to the "O" position, if it needs to be used again, it can only be operated again after 5s.


1.Full line temperature control
2.3rd gear temperature regulation
3.Soft fabric
5.Fast temperature rise

Product parameters

Washable small heating blanket


Washable Single Person Heating Blanket


Flannel, Comfortable cotton wool



Rated voltage







Q1. How to ensure quality?

We do a final inspection before shipment.

Q2: Which shipping way can you provide?

We can provide shipping by sea, by air and by express.

Q3. When can I get the price?

Usually we quote within 24 hours after we get your inquiry.

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