1350W Powerful 6.5L Large Capacity Air Fryer

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1. 270° viewing window, can be seen from a large angle, and can observe the baking state of food in all directions;

2.6.5L large capacity, you can put down a whole goose at a time, no need to make 1350W Powerful 6.5L Large Capacity Air Fryer in batches;

3. Double-rotation temperature adjustment timing, multiple guarantees, and the temperature can be fixed at any time;

4. Oil-free air frying, both oil-free and healthy;

5. Automatic power-off protection, safe and risk-free;

6. Non-stick and easy-to-wash liner, easy to clean.

Healthy frying with less oil, low-fat nutritious light meal

Do not add a drop of oil during frying, say goodbye to greasy, and enjoy a healthy and delicious life. (Ordinary frying: fried food is high in calories and tastes greasy; oil-free air frying: no oil, low oil and light calorie taste good)

Can fry the whole chicken at one time, 6.5L large capacity

I still eat fancy meals at home, and the portion is just not wasted.

With one turn of the timer/temperature adjustment, Xiaobai can also become a chef

The upper and lower knobs adjust the temperature and timing respectively, the operation is simple, the cooking is delicious, and the food does not overturn. 0~60min free timing, 80~200 degrees Celsius wide temperature adjustment. Visible crispy, DIY self-adjustment mode, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, crispy without greasy feeling.

360° hot air tells the circulation, internal heating without peculiar smell

Through 360° cycle frying with hot air, the oil of the ingredients is forced out to lock the moisture and nutrition of the ingredients, and the taste is better. There is no contact with plastic parts during the heating process, and no peculiar smell will be produced. 1350W high power; high-quality motor, soft operation; high temperature degreasing at 200 degrees Celsius.

Homemade Crispy Delicious, Low Oil Snack Buckets

Children can rest assured to eat snacks, peace of mind and health.

Automatic power off when the cover is opened, humanized handle

Built-in sensitive micro switch, automatically stop working when the cover is opened, and continue to work after re-covering, adding more freely in the middle.

270° viewing window, safety explosion-proof glass

No need to flip the lid to view, precise control is not easy to stick, and the baking state is easy to grasp. Working state 1: hot air circulation to heat up rapidly; working state 2: cold air circulation to stabilize the temperature field.

Separate oil rack for quick grease filtration

During the high-temperature roasting process, the fried food is separated from the grease, and the grease gathers at the bottom of the inner pot.

Roasted golden brown and non-stick, no worries after meal cleaning

Food-grade contact material, safe to use and easy to clean. There is no burden to clean the upper cover, there is no place for dirt to hide, and there is no dead angle for cleaning; there is a non-stick coating inside, which can be cleaned immediately after flushing, and no oil stains are hidden.

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tower air fryer


1350W Powerful 6.5L Large Capacity Air Fryer

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4.2KG / 5KG


White, Grey

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Excellent details for a great user experience. Let's take a look at the details of the 1350W Powerful 6.5L Large Capacity Air Fryer.

1. Mechanical knob adjustment, easy to operate with one turn to open;

2. Humanized handle, fit the hand, non-slip and anti-scalding, easy to use;

3. Suction cup non-slip foot pad, bottom suction cup, stable and non-slip;

4. Turbine cooling system, effectively improve the service life of the 1350W Powerful 6.5L Large Capacity Air Fryer.

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