1800W Home Touch Screen Smart Blender

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1800W high-power kitchen machine, pure copper motor and die-cast aluminum body. The 1800W Home Touch Screen Smart Blender is equipped with a planetary stirring track for stirring, and a non-slip foot pad is installed at the bottom. During the high-speed stirring process, the vibration of the machine is reduced, making the stirring more quiet and reliable.

Multi-speed use, suitable for a variety of situations. Gears 1-5, Teflon-coated aluminum dough hook, can be used to stir dough for making bread, pizza, and pasta; Gears 6-10, Teflon-coated aluminum mixer, suitable for use To stir the dough for making biscuits and pancakes, and can also be used to stir vegetable salads; gears 8~10, wire mixer, suitable for whisking egg whites, stirring cake embryos or stirring sauces.

LED touch screen control panel. The touch screen panel can control the time and stirring speed at will. The 1800W Home Touch Screen Smart Blender also shows how long it has been stirred.

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1800W Home Touch Screen Smart Blender


1800W Home Touch Screen Smart Blender

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Stir, beat, mix

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Red, Black, Silver



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Shop Three Guarantees

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Inner Wall Marking

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Fully Automatic

Cleaning Method:

Non-automatic Cleaning

Motor Type:

Pure Copper Motor

Mixing Blade:

Single Stirring Blade

Gear Material:


Packing List:

Noodle Hook, Egg Beater, Stirring Knife, Manual

Exquisite details show

Details highlight attitude. Only good details can make the 1800W Home Touch Screen Smart Blender more popular, so let's take a look at the small details of the product.

1. 18000W high-power motor: The motor has a large power, and there are many things that can be stirred. Solve a variety of stirring needs at one time;

2. Pressure-rod head-up: opening and closing is simpler and more convenient, and adding materials is quick and comfortable;

3. Anti-splash transparent cover feeding port: prevent the ingredients stirred during stirring from splashing around due to high-speed operation, soiling the surrounding area, and reducing the workload of subsequent cleaning;

4. Planetary mixing track: The specially designed planetary reducer balances the power of the mixer to each device, which can well realize the mechanical force of the planetary mixer and the material stirred by the traditional mixing equipment is more homogeneous Higher performance and shorter duration.

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