Good looking home strong Silent Hair Dryer

Short Description:

Good looking home strong Silent Hair Dryer

The 2000W high-power hair dryer with T-shaped fashion design has a strong wind mute design, which can avoid noise while enjoying the high wind.

In terms of appearance design, it has a large surface area of the air gathering air outlet, which can effectively shape the wind, and the sliding button type design has four positions: “2nd block of hot air”, “1st block of hot air”, “natural wind” and “switch”. . There is also a dedicated cooling button.

Equipped with “wind collecting nozzle” and “wind dispersing nozzle”, the wind collecting nozzle can improve the wind speed, make the wind more concentrated, shape more accurately, save time and effort.

The wind blowing nozzle can reduce its impulse so that it won’t mess up the hair.

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Product advantages:

The product has a rapid heating system, with a setting that does not scald the face or hands, and the beautiful hairstyle can be designed and changed at will.

The end is designed with a special hook, which is convenient for placing after use.

best quiet powerful hair dryer


The part near the plug should be kept as dry as possible.

It is best to dry your hands before using the hair dryer to avoid the risk of electric shock.

Product parameters


Good looking home strong Silent Hair Dryer


Product number:


Rated power:

2000 W

Heating method:

Corrugated wire heating

Product Size

29 cm*14 cm*7.5 cm


New nylon material

Rated voltage

220 V/ 110 V


Compatible with European sockets, UK sockets and US sockets


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Product details

Next, we will hand over the details of Good looking home strong Silent Hair Dryer through some detailed pictures of the product.

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