Hair salons for home high-power negative ion Professional Hair Dryer

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Hair salons for home high-power negative ion Professional Hair Dryer.

Hair salon large wind negative ion hair dryer three minutes quick dry hair, with large wind, high power styling system, strong wind speed and unimpeded wind path can dry hair in three minutes. It can easily complete a variety of styles such as pear blossom head, fluffy head, straight hair, and curly hair.

The products are made of the highest quality combustion-assisted nylon materials on the market, which have a variety of characteristics such as high temperature combustion flexibility and flexibility.

The product has a five-speed temperature control system, which can combine the required wind speed and heat according to the hair quality.

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Hair salons for home high-power negative ion Professional Hair Dryer

Product number


Product material

Nylon material

Product Size

4.5 cm*21.5 cm*14.5 cm

Product color

dark blue

Rated voltage

110 V-240 V

Rated power

2200 W-2400 W

Heating material

heating wire

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Next, take a look at the details of Hair salons for home high-power negative ion Professional Hair Dryer through some product details pictures.

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1. Use a dry towel to dry the hair as much as possible, at least ensure that there is no water dripping. If there is too much water, the hair dryer will have to operate for a long time to dry the hair. Not only will the high temperature damage the hair, but the hair dryer will work continuously for a long time Make electrical components heat up or even burn out.

2. The tuyere of the hair dryer must be unobstructed and not blocked, otherwise the high temperature will not dissipate, and it is easy to burn the machine.

3. When using the hair dryer, the copper should be at least 5cm away from the hair. Too close to the hair may block the tuyere and burn the hair. At the same time, avoid the water on the wet hair hitting the hair dryer and causing the power connection.

4. When blowing your hair, you should not keep the blower in one place for a long time, and you should constantly change the direction of the blower to prevent local hair from burning or even scalding your hair.

5. Before the hair dryer is stopped, switch the hot air gear of the hair dryer to the cold air gear. The purpose of this is to blow the residual heat of the electrical components in the air duct out of the air duct through the cold air, so as to help the hair dryer to cool down and increase the service life of the hair dryer.

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