New Concept Portable Mini Hair Dryer for Home

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New Concept Portable Mini Hair Dryer for Home.

New concept high-speed hair dryer, double moisture strong wind to dry quickly.

The compact body has a portable and lightweight design, and the compact body is convenient for packaging. The lightweight design is portable and suitable for various occasions including business trips.

Equipped with a German upgraded AC motor and a high-speed imported movement, it can quickly dry hair, solve the problem of drying at home, dormitory, and travel, and is designed for different situations.

Breaking through the technological barrier, Yiyou double moisturizing negative ion hair care is equivalent to double conditioner, which penetrates each hair in an all-round way, removes static electricity, improves dry hair, and realizes nourishing hair care from scalp to tip.

Second, there are low-radiation electromagnetic safety devices. Long-term exposure to radiation will cause discomfort to the human body, damage human organs and systems, and easily cause various diseases.

Sanyou 360 double-layer flame-retardant anti-scald air nozzle, an isolation layer is added to the air nozzle to effectively avoid burns, and the baby's delicate hair can be used with confidence.

Compared with the rough split ends of ordinary hair dryers, which are brittle and easy to break, the hair of the new hair dryer is bright, elastic and healthy after use.

With healthy and comfortable wind power generation, by optimizing and improving the air duct system, the noise of the hair dryer is reduced and the use is more comfortable.

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Product parameters:


New Concept Portable Mini Hair Dryer for Home

Product Features

Large air volume mute / hydrating negative ions

Product Range

Three-speed hot and cold air conditioning

Texture of material

Drop resistant and heat resistant raw materials

Product color

Dark green/Elegant white

Product power

1000 W-1200 W

Rated voltage

110 V-220 V

Rated frequency

50 HZ-60 HZ

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Product details:

Next, let's take a look at the details of New Concept Portable Mini Hair Dryer for Home through some pictures of the details of the product. 

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