Professional Customized Home LCD Scrub Hair Straightener

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Professional Customized Home LCD Scrub Hair Straightener.

Do you often encounter such troubles, the maintenance time of styling is short, the heating time of the straightener is long, the hair is seriously damaged after each styling, and should the straightener be heated when not in use? The products we are going to introduce can solve the above problems for you.

A new digital display hair straightener that visually displays the temperature in real time.

With 30 seconds quick heat up and quick styling, it will save you a lot of time whether you are going to school, work, appointments.

The product also has a new 3D scalding design, which will not burn when the external temperature is low and contact with the skin and scalp.

The heating panel has a dual-purpose design for straight hair and curly hair.

The tail is designed with a 360° rotatable power cord, the 360° tail rotates, follow-up use, and the rotation angle rotates continuously, effectively preventing wire entanglement.

There is also a lock design, after the splint is clamped and injured, it can be retracted, placed at will, and can be carried with you when you travel.

It has four buttons: on/off key, temperature increase/decrease key, and one-key maximum temperature. The location design is convenient and easy to operate.

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Product parameters:


Professional Customized Home LCD Scrub Hair Straightener

Rated voltage

110 V-220 V

Product model


Length of power cord

About 2 m

Rated power

45 W

Product color


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Product details:

Next, let's take a look at the detailed details of Professional Customized Home LCD Scrub Hair Straightener through some pictures of product details.

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Product keeper:

1. Disconnect the hair straightener from the power supply.

2. Make sure that the temperature of the hair straightener is at room temperature to avoid accidental burns when unintentionally touching.

3. Prepare a cotton soft cloth or glasses cloth, dilute the neutral detergent with a small amount of water, soak the soft cloth and then wring it out, open the splint of the hair straightener, wipe the heat plate of the hair straightener with a soft cloth, and remove the scalp grease adhered to it.

4: Wash the soft cloth with water, then wring out the soft cloth, and then wipe the hair straightener.

5. Finally, dry the hair straightener with a soft dry cloth and place the straightener in a cool and dry place. The shell of the hair straightener should also be wiped clean.

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