Multifunctional Ceramic Hair Straightening Brush

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Button control, simple and fast operation, can control the temperature of the product.

The hollow rear wing has a beautiful and delicate design.

The power cord is a 360-degree rotatable power cord, which is not easy to be tangled and knotted when used.

One machine for four purposes, the product is distributed with four product heads, which can meet the needs of various hair types.


The part near the plug should be kept as dry as possible.

It is best to dry your hands before using the hair dryer to avoid the risk of electric shock.

Product parameters

Try not to use it when your hair is wet, or it will be very easy to cause some safety accidents.

The product temperature control has 3 temperature ranges from small to large. It is recommended that you start from the lowest temperature when you use it for the first time to find a suitable temperature for your hair.

comb for straight hair

Operation method

In the process of straightening your hair, you only need to gently stick to the hair and slowly pull it down. As long as the straightened hair is straightened, the eyes will become straight and smooth. The entire operation process is very simple, even a novice can easily solve it.

Product parameters


Multifunctional ceramic hair straightening brush with two functions for home and commercial use.








Rated voltage

220 V- - 240 V


1000- 1200 W

Heat conductor material


Let's take a closer look at the details of Multifunctional ceramic hair straightening brush with two functions for home and commercial use through some detailed pictures of the product.

straight hair comb brush
electric comb for straight hair
hair straightening electric comb


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