3.5L oven integrated air fryer

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1. Oil-free frying, homemade low-fat food, reduce excessive calorie intake;
2. Knob operation, easy cooking, huge remaining operation space;
3. Large capacity, meet the needs of a family, easily handle a variety of foods;
4. Heat flow technology, efficient energy gathering is more uniform;
5. Hot air circulation, 360° uniform heating, fully cooked food;
6. Non-stick coating, non-stick pan is easy to clean.

The golden capacity can satisfy the appetite of many people, and the whole chicken can be fried. 3.5L oven integrated air fryer can meet the different needs of one person for private enjoyment, two people to eat light, and many people to have dinner together.
No frying, low-fat and stomach-sucking. The principle of high-speed air circulation, say goodbye to traditional frying.
Upgrade the liner of the non-stick pan, which is healthier, easier to clean and more durable. Non-stick oil and food, easy to clean, good scratch resistance, strong and durable.

Compared with other air fryers, our 3.5L oven integrated air fryer are heated evenly in 360°, the color is even, the outside is crispy and the inside is tender and not raw; ordinary products are heated on one side, and the heating is uneven, and the food is easily scorched and raw.

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ninja foodi smart grill


3.5L oven integrated air fryer

Product Model:


Rated Voltage:




Rated Frequency:


Net Weight:


Product Size:

310×230×225mm(External Machine)

110×185mm(Inner Bladder)



Way To Control:

Machine Control

Power Supply:

Alternating Current





Timing Settings:


Carton Size:


Carton Net Weight:


Container Loading(Qty):

20GP Container: 1080 Pieces

40GP Container: 2280 Pieces

40HC Container: 2574 Pieces

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