4L Stand Mixer For Cake

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High quality material

600W motor

4L capacity

6-speed regulation

3 sets of components

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Enjoy delicious baking. From trivial to simple, you only need one 4L Stand Mixer For Cake. Hands free, manual inheritance farewell cumbersome. Say goodbye to complicated manual procedures and restore the real taste of manual work.


Three cores

With 4L Stand Mixer For Cake, you can easily become a master. Knead the dough, efficiently whip, and stir evenly.

Quickly knead the dough to make a good dough. With hook type cutter head and powerful motor, it can be easily completed in only 12 minutes. Simulate the manual kneading of dough, which is fast and good when fully mixed, and produces smooth and good dough. Each inch of dough is exquisite.

360°all-around whipping, planetary whipping track and high speed motor are used to achieve fast whipping of protein, cream and other ingredients.

Evenly mix and stir. Stir various ingredients at high speed. You can evenly mix different ingredients. It is suitable for mixing various salad fillings.


600W pure copper motor

Pure copper wire motor with strong power and strong surface can easily meet various baking needs. High power, low noise, strong heat dissipation, anti overheating, anti spill.


4L stainless steel mixing drum

4L stainless steel mixing bucket can meet the food needs of the whole family at one time. It is made of food grade stainless steel, durable, anti-corrosion, safe, environmentally friendly and healthy.


6-speed regulation

Six speed control, according to different ingredients, to meet the needs.

Grade 1-3, knead noodles/meat fillings. 4-5, butter/cream. 5-6, egg white/whole egg.



High quality material

600W motor

4L capacity

6-speed regulation

3 sets of components



Product parameters

4L Black Stand Mixer For Cake 13


4L Stand Mixer For Cake

Rated power


Rated voltage


Egg pot material

Food grade stainless steel

Mixing barrel


Product size



Q.Is there the products tested before shipping?

Yes, of course. All of our conveyor belt we all will has been 100%QC  before shipping. We test every batch every day.


Q. Can I buy a sample before placing an order?

Of course, you are welcome to purchase samples first to see if our products are suitable for you.


Q:Can you produce conveyor as our requirements?

Yes, OEM is available. We have professional team to do anything what you want from us.

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