5L Best Mixer For Bread

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Stable without displacement

Rapid mixing

DC motor

304 stainless steel


Timing function

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Thickened stainless steel body

The stainless steel forged fvhjhj fuselage shows the new style of baking. Following the design aesthetics, the whole machine has a thickened stainless steel body, a stable center of gravity, and does not shake when stirring.


600W surge power

Whirlwind mixing does not stop. Strong torque, reduce noise, and quickly pull out the tough and unbreakable film in 16 minutes. Experience the fun of kneading noodles. High speed rotation simulates manual kneading, which can easily free your hands.


Low noise

The practical noise reduction comes from the core part, DC motor+all metal gear, and real materials create low-noise tyfdyuf. The noise reduction DC motor makes the use quieter and baking less disturbing.


Three functional connectors

3 major accessories, which can give full play to delicious food. The three functional connectors are more than enough for various delicacies.

304 stainless steel all metal egg beating cage can quickly send egg white and cream, saving time, effort and worry.

Upgrade dough kneading hook and glove film to make secret weapons, which can solve the problem that it is difficult to pull out the tough and unbreakable film when kneading dough by hand.

Y-shaped stirring paddle can evenly stir ingredients in a large area to produce rich taste.



LCD screen, baking situation is clear at a glance. The intelligent electronic timing baking is free of supervision, and the timing is 0-30min, so as to avoid excessive kneading and solve the problem of busy baking.


More details

The three-dimensional heat dissipation function can accelerate the heat dissipation speed, which is conducive to long-term mixing.

Foot design, firm suction cup. Stable without shaking.

The splash proof feeding cover can prevent food from splashing when the machine is running.



Stable without displacement

Rapid mixing

DC motor

304 stainless steel


Timing function


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5L Best Mixer For Bread

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Q.Is there the products tested before shipping?

Yes, of course. All of our conveyor belt we all will has been 100%QC  before shipping. We test every batch every day.


Q. Can I buy a sample before placing an order?

Of course, you are welcome to purchase samples first to see if our products are suitable for you.


Q:Can you produce conveyor as our requirements?

Yes, OEM is available. We have professional team to do anything what you want from us.

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