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Health begins with good sleep.

Have high requirements for safety and comfort?

If you have insomnia and dreams, backache, deep fatigue, and weak body resistance, then you need Carbon Fiber Smart Electric Blanket. Activate cells to enhance blood circulation, relieve pain, soothe nerves and help sleep, and the body is not easy to lose water and get inflamed after a long sleep.

Far infrared thermal radiation

The whole bed is heated in a large area and uniformly warm. Carbon Fiber Smart Electric Blanket has far-infrared fever, subcutaneous permeability up to 5-6cm, which has auxiliary relief effect on shoulder, neck, waist and abdomen pain, knee and leg pain caused by fear of cold, and has good auxiliary improvement on various problems caused by blood circulation and microcirculation disorders.

Carbon fiber far-infrared generator

When the carbon molecules in the electrified carbon fibers do "Brownian motion", they will generate about 85% far-infrared radiation to radiate heat while generating heat. The far-infrared wave band is 40-1000 microns, which is equivalent to sunlight shining on the body. The heat generated by carbon fiber heating is helpful to promote blood circulation, relieve pain during physiological period, relax tendons and remove blood stasis, enhance physical strength and improve metabolism.

Timed shutdown

Choose the time to shut down the machine at random, and set the time to sleep at a fixed time of 1-12h. Prevent the elderly, children and people with poor memory from forgetting to turn off the computer.

What is far infrared?

Infrared rays can be divided into near infrared rays, medium infrared rays and far infrared rays. Far infrared rays are easily absorbed by the skin of the human body. Infrared rays are beneficial to the human body but not harmful. Ultraviolet rays are harmful to the human body. A large part of the sun's heat is transmitted in the form of far infrared rays, which is why people feel comfortable when exposed to the sun.

Product parameters


Carbon Fiber Smart Electric Blanket


Teddy velvet

Heating conductor

Carbon fiber far infrared ray

Rated voltage


Product Size

150X80CM(single control),180X150CM(Dual temperature dual control)

Rated power


Single weight





Q1. How to ensure quality?

We do a final inspection before shipment.

Q2. What kind of warranty can you offer us?

Two-year warranty on frame from sale. If there is a quality problem, please feel free to contact us.

Q3. Can I buy a sample before placing an order?

Of course, you are welcome to purchase samples first to see if our products are suitable for you.

Q4. What should I do if the goods are damaged after receipt?

Please provide us with the relevant valid proof. Such as shoot a video for us to show how the goods are damaged, and we will send you the same product on your next order.

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