Dormitory students use blue off anion lightweight hair dryer

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Dormitory students use blue off anion lightweight hair dryer.

A new generation of leafless hair dryer, born for goddess hair to reshape hair

This hair dryer can improve the problem of dull and dry hair.

It can revitalize the new life of the hair, so that the hair is not frizzy and shiny.

This hair dryer comes with a collagen box, and the blow-out wind has CPN collagen, which can increase the gloss by 36%.

Damaged hair absorbs moisture quickly, causing the cortex to swell and brittle hair. As a result, the elasticity of damaged hair becomes poor, and the more serious the damage, the more fragile and easy to break.

The undamaged hair absorbs moisture slowly, the cuticles are intact, and it has strong elasticity. The healthier and lustrous hair, the less likely it is to break.

Product advantages

It has a constant temperature temperature control system and an overheating power-off protection system.

Automatic constant temperature to maintain 57 ℃ safe hair care.

The heat is distributed evenly, the temperature of 57°C is suitable, the hair quality is not damaged, and the thermal efficiency is high.

Small body, easy to carry when traveling, can be easily put into a bag, lightweight design is portable, convenient for business travel.

There are 3 types of air combs that can be rotated, the No. 1 inner button styling comb can create hairstyles such as air bangs, the No. 2 strong wind styling nozzle, which can quickly dry the hair and have a long-lasting shape, and the No. 3 straight hair styling comb is recommended for people who are thick and prone to knots Use the blow-dry while bringing the massage experience of the scalp SPA.

With a continuously variable transmission system, the four-stage is suitable for three temperatures to meet the needs of different shapes.

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Dormitory students use blue off anion lightweight hair dryer

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lightweight professional hair dryer

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Next, let's take a look at the details of Dormitory students use blue off anion lightweight hair dryer through some detailed pictures of the product.

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