Double Cover Household Portable Juicer Machine

Short Description:

Juice whipping, fine and without grain

The screw is propelled at a low speed, the soft and hard are easily ground, the slag juice is separated, and the original taste is healthier. The delicate taste stimulates the taste buds and inspires deep human pleasure. Accelerates the secretion of dopamine, making people feel good.

Homemade fruit soda, refreshing

Subtle collision of bubbles and pure juice, delicious soda + original juice, the refreshment index rises. All from the whipping of Double Cover Household Portable Juicer Machine.

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›Products Advantages

Bring your own gas bottle, stroke soda pop

Use with bubble bombs, 300ml carry capacity, drink to stimulate vitality.

Release vitality, no need to charge

Twist the switch to the middle, open the valve cover, put in the bubble bomb, then close the valve cover, tighten the bottle cap, and blow out dense bubbles.

One Bubble Bomb = One Fruity Soda

Full of air, a bubble bomb, full of air. With one bite, you can instantly relieve stress.

low noise no noise. Operating noise <65dB

40-60 decibels belong to our normal conversation sound. Therefore, 65DB is a relatively loud speech, so less than 65DB means that the running sound of the machine is low, which is within the acceptable range. So we can use Double Cover Household Portable Juicer Machine with peace of mind

›Product parameter

Name Double Cover Household Portable Juicer Machine
Product Model MR9900
Product Size 140×140×374mm(host)

78×78×172mm(juice cup)

Product Voltage 220V
Rotating Speed 55±10% RPM(MAX:≤12000RPM)
Power <200W
Net Weight 1.39KG(host)  0.27KG(juice cup)
Colour Luxury Blue,Coconut Milk White
Material ABS
Product Capacity 0.5L
Double Cover Household Portable Juicer Machine.


Next, we will explain the Double Cover Household Portable Juicer Machine in detail.

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1.In order to meet the transportation requirements, only 40% of the juicer cups are lit at the factory. It is recommended to charge the juicer for 3.5 hours for the first time to improve the battery life.

2.The results of the experimental test when the machine is fully charged, the battery life time depends on the usage. and many other factors.

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